Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August...where have you gone???

Wow...over halfway through August and not one post...shame on me...however, I can make excuses...want my list?

---finished one class- Methods of Instruction: Science (which, suprisingly, wasn't too bad)

---started another class- Methods of Instruction: Health/PE (this one will go on through mid-September--meaning sometime when the baby comes...hmmm, we'll see how that goes

---helped my best friend move to Kansas...this hasn't been easy (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.- you get the picture)

---got a new calling in church- Compassionate Service Leader

---been finishing up the baby nursery - getting last minute items to prepare for her arrival

---been reading the last book in the Twilight series "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer

---been having bbqs with friends and playing our favorite board game "Cities & Knights of Catan"

---been watching the Summer Olympics and watching the US of A work the rest of the world in metals- I've loved watching the swimming, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics!

---getting my last several baby check-ups at the OBGYN- last week I was 1.5 cm dialated and 60% effaced...this week I am 2 cm and 70%...who knows- she may come early.

***Just a side note- I have to note that Blake said the funniest thing this week- in reference to the Olympics, being effaced (pregnancy term), and one of his usual Blake-ism terms.... he said that "watching the Olympics was making him 100% e-phased"... now that I write that down, I don't know if it was just funny, or if I should be embarrassed for him...that was so tard. :) Nevermind, it was funny***

---been thrown baby showers at school, work, and with other work friends (a HUGE shout out to everyone who has contributed and to whom I'm still writing thank you notes to!)

---been having family get-togethers with both Blake's & my family

---been having pre-labor contractions for the last week = awesome. no, really...awesome.

---been nesting around the house....well, that part I've been really excited to start once I went on maternity leave from work- so starting today- I really want to get my office/craft disaster room organized and the rest of my To Do list

---Warning....GET YOUR GAG REFLEX READY... got my "membrane stripped" yesterday....I warned you didn't I? I could have done without that....really, is that necessary? There are just some things about the birthing process that I will never understand...including why women "choose" to go "natural" instead of get an epidural. Let's be honest...having a baby is hard enough, but if I wasn't put on this earth at this specific time in history when Heavenly Father has graciously given us modern technology- heck yeah, I'm gonna use it! Props (really) to anyone who goes natural...that's just NOT how I role.

---got my induction set up for 08-28-08 at 7:30 am. That is phasing me. Let's hang with this baby already!! I am so excited & freaked out all at the same time! Can't wait! Now all we have to do is figure out what to name her... YIKES! Any suggestions!