Friday, September 28, 2007

Time flies...

So, it's been over 10 days and I haven't posted...I can't even fit in 5 minutes to say anything I want to say...I'll do that later...but I just wanted to post about 3 things that annoy me that I actually thought were really funny...probably more funny to me than to you...

1. Trying to break off toilet paper or paper towels at a specified spot, but ripping off too little, trying again and having it happen at least two more times. Annoying. Yet funny.

2. Dropping something (while holding a full armload of anything) and bending over to pick it up then dropping it again, and again. Do you see a theme here??

3. Driving on a freeway and all 6 lanes are filled with cars driving the exact same speed so you can't pass anyone. Wow, morons. And there aren't even cops around. Double lame.

I'm sure you all could add to this list.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

M"i" fave new toy...

So the stars aligned and somehow on a miraculous night last week I was fortunate to get one of these....

The clincher??? The fact that the iPhone is exclusive to AT&T and I'm on T-Mobile. Now what!!! Blake found this geek to unlock it for us...and that is a tech!!! It is seriously so fantastic I can't even tell you how phased I am...Let's just list the reasons why the iPhone is the hardest...

  • iPod

  • touch screen (to zoom in and out on photos, webpages, email, etc.)

  • widgets

  • games (including TTR-Tap Tap Revolution)- like DDR but with your fingers and you can sync it to a song you have on the iPod- LLLLLATER)

  • world clock

  • weather

  • internet

  • YouTube direct link

  • IM

  • Text

  • Videos

  • Photos

  • Maps

  • Notepad

  • Calculator

  • Calendar

  • Address Book & Phone contact "Favorites"

  • email

  • AND it's a phone!!!

Need I say more??? If this hasn't prompted you to go buy one, maybe this will do the trick... I rest my case!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kings of Leon...

So I have been extremely busy this week and haven't had a chance to blog about the concert we went to on Monday night (the last Monday I'll have off for a long while since school is starting up) so Blake, Spencer and I met up with Blake's sister Chelsea and a new "friend" of hers- Chuck to see Kings of Leon. We got there just before they played and it was totally worth being out until 12:30 am on a weeknight even when I have to be to work by 6am and am doing testing all week. Yeah, it was that good.
I've been spinning their new album "Because of the Times" and am just so phased. The singer has such a unique "smoker since 12" and "prepubescent screech" that I just find so adorable. It does kind of make me giggle when I read about how the 4 guys (3 brothers and a cousin) are all way into fashion and will only wear skinny jeans but can't find any "skinny" enough so they have their mom tailor them for them. How funny is that? What I thought was more weird was seeing them in concert post-beard/hippie look to find that the lead singer kinda looked like Kelly Reed to me. It was dark ok. And I was pretty far away from the stage. I just got my eyes checked too- that is pretty scary. I know check the pick below. Maybe he just looked like he had red hair under those lights.
Regardless Blake and Spencer both thought he looked like Ashton Kutcher- which I think I'm much closer thinking he looks like Kelly Reed (in skinny jeans). Whatever... here were my favorite songs played at the show... Ragoo, Charmer, Knocked Up, and Arizona (until the slutty drunk girl in front of me started making out with her boyfriend). Funny what image can ruin a perfectly sexy song. Over all I was so glad to finally get to see them!! I just loved how crunchy the bass sounds live. It was amazing. Enough said- see them or get the album- you will be phased.

PS- tomorrow night is the A&A CD release show. Be there or be square. 7pm Womens Club of Mesa. $10. LLLLLLAter

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A&A CD Released today!!

Here was the flyer that went out for Awake & Alert's (my husband Blake's band) CD release today. I am so proud of what a great musician he is! The new album "Devil In A Lambskin Suit" is delightful, if I do say so myself. They played a show at Zia Records in Tempe tonight in celebration of the album. It was very well attended! Thanks to all!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Awkward moments over the weekend...

There were so many awkward moments over the weekend... here are just a few.

Can I just say that Kayleen and I watched the first 5 minutes of the VMA's on MTV yesterday and both of us were covering our eyes for 2 embarrassing reasons...

1st- WHY does Brittany think she needs to make a comeback when she looks like crap with the WORST extensions (post buzz) and then lip syncing the whole song- PLUS on top of that not even seeming the least bit interested in "looking" like she's singing at all. WOW. How boring was she.

2nd-How about Sarah Silverman...she is awkward to the MAX!! The crustiest chick and yet, kinda funny. But you could just tell the audience was feeling SO awkward!

Then on Saturday we had a bbq and played Catan with the girls and while we played we had to keep the kids busy by watching Yo Gabba Gabba and sitting nicely next to each other...then of course Owen puts on the moves...

and of course Kayleen hints to kiss open mouthed... that is "time to talk to the Bishop" worthy. Especially at his ripe old age of 2 yrs old. Hmmm.

On top of that...Owen was trying to wear my Crocs...first off- Owen these aren't the "unisex" ones, they are the mary janes- clearly a feminine shoe. Second- until you start recycling your own stuff you cannot consider yourself "green". They are clearly "recycled" shoes. Nevermind. I am awkward. ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Awake and Alert...

My husband Blake plays guitar for a local band in AZ (I'm sure most-if not all- of you knew that), called Awake & Alert, and they are getting ready to release their full-length album, "Devil in a Lambskin Suit" next Tuesday the 11th. In case you're interested you can purchase the album on Itunes or online from Stinkweeds Records. You can also hear Awake and Alert anytime for free on Unfortunately the label is giving the band very few cds to distribute to family/friends. If you'd like one, you could always email either Blake or I and we could send you one!

I know Blake doesn't like to toot his own horn, so I'll help him out! I am so proud of what a talented musician he is and the amazing music he creates! The band does plan on touring for a few weekends in the next few months through Vegas and I'm sure Utah too.

Their album is already for purchase on Itunes but will be distributed in Best Buys in Arizona on the 11th. If you can make it- they are having a CD release show on Friday September 14th at the Women's Club of Mesa. map There will be a bunch of great local bands- The Walrus, The Stiletto Formal, Dear and the Headlights, and from Utah-Return To Sender. Please come and support! It starts at 7pm and is $10. Thanks - we appreciate you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One year ago...

Blake and I moved into our house in Mesa. It has been a fantastic journey thus far and we have been so blessed to be where we are. We love our ward (church by location) and how close we are to our favorite places...

the reasons I love Mesa- even if we are considered to be on the EAST side...(I've always been a WEST side girl)

Waldos BBQ- best pulled pork on the planet.

Red Banzai burger (teriyaki) and steak fries in the biz!!

Costco...I'm all about bulk...a stones throw away...

Walmart....rolling back the prices... also a stones throw away...

BJ's- finest pizza this side of Chicago.

Movies- choice of Harkins theatres(for their lovely reclining stadium seats) or AMC theatres (for their fantabulous leg room) which my long legs adore!!

Craft and fabric stores...

thrift stores...always a good find if you can stay long enough to smell like polyester when you get home.

Last, but definitely not least... my ALWAYS cravings....

Panda Express- Those Asians sure can make a MEAN Orange Chicken!!! mmmm and Taco Bell- I'll pretty much eat anything as long as nacho cheese isn't involved.

Sad that this revolves around food...yet SO good. It's all about location baby!