Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A wish list...

Normally I am the worst person (and best person) to buy gifts for. The reason I bring this up is because Sarah told me I always buy what I want for myself before she can buy it for me- so, this year, I am attempting a more modern approach to gift giving. I decided to do an wishlist, which can be found here...
My Wish List
The other reason why I am easy to buy for is because I am grateful for ANY gift! Gift cards are all know what I like- food, clothes, movies, crafts, etc. I am NOT picky!

My birthday is coming up in the next few weeks- which is, of course, the reason for this post.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Great Pumpkin...

Did anybody ever watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown? I loved that! It's been a long time since I've seen that! parents in Colorado have an AMAZING garden (which is what drives me to make mine awesome!) and they sent me some pics of their astonishingly abnormal pumpkins from this year. They have never had them grow so big...I wonder what's in the water? The biggest one was 85 lbs! Here are my neices Camille and Callia!
Here is the aftermath of being carved...beautiful job Mom and Dad!

My parents were so proud to see the Kimball Concepts baby line at their local Walgreens so they adorned my neices in the "Got Candy" shirts. Camille LOVED looking like Callia- she said "look Papa, me and Callia are twins!" I think every little girl wishes they were a twin- Katy and I totally did as kids until she got into her teens- then she just threw fits anytime I wanted to wear similar colors!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Whirlwind week!

Yeah- it's been crazy busy- as always! Tuesday we found out Blake's sister Jaime was coming out to AZ from San Diego because they got manditorily evacuated because of the fires. Their apt luckily wasn't damaged- they just needed to get out of the smoke and ashes for a few days since Jax has athsema and Parker is a newborn. It was so sweet to finally get to hold and coddle Parker- he is TOO cute! And he just loved when Uncle Blake gave him loves! And Jax loved being the master puppeteer with Chels

Wednesday I went outside to see a lovely peas had grown nearly 2 inches in 2, if that doesn't make an amateour gardener proud, I don't know what could!

So, Wednesday night Awake & Alert played at the Brickhouse in Phoenix, and I'm not gonna lie- the sound was amazing and Maya's vocals were spot on- it was pretty phasing. Of course Blake and Spencer and super critical and played at a really cool venue in LA last weekend so they thought it didn't even compare. I met up with Jaime and Chelsea to watch the show and that was a lot of fun- especially since we hardly see Jaime since she lives in San Diego!
Thursday Chels and I practiced a church hymn- "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" that is done in a beautiful arrangement that we'll be singing on Sunday in her singles ward for church. Haven't done a duet in a while but it will be a lot of fun! Pretty song!

Tonight we just got back from a lovely Halloween party hosted by Cami and Molly- and what FANTASTIC parties they throw! Thanks for letting us be a part of it! Here is just a little taste of what we saw...

Yes. I am a "deviled" egg. Clever, I know- can't take the credit though- however I did actually make the egg, so that is fun. It was a lot of fun seeing old friends and new- it was great getting together! I wish I had more time to do these sorts of things!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weekend...

Wow. It was weird having Blake out of town Thurs, Fri and half of Sat, but I can't complain...I got a whole lot done. Thursday night I got a bunch of homework done- which really never happens...but it was a tiny miracle. Friday night I hung out with Kaylo, Diana, and Paige and that was a blast. We went to Aloha Kitchen (SO YUMMY- Hawaiian) for dinner and then went to Kaylo's to play Catan. I love playing- it is just so relaxing. Check how HARD O looks in his outfit!!
So, Saturday when Blake got home from their little Awake & Alert mini Cali tour, it was just a whirlwind day. We drove all over the valley to get Awake & Alert situated for the SoCo music festival at Tempe Market Place. The show ended up being a ton of fun- I guess A&A sold more merch than all of the other BIG bands combined! Isn't that great! As always...being the merch lady! Sunday felt like a long day, but really good. I decided to get back into singing with our church choir. I've really missed singing- my poor little alto voice has been rusty. I can't even sing in the shower since Blake's not even awake when I go to work- boo hoo. But one cool thing is that Blake and I got our plane tickets to Colorado for Christmas! We are so excited to go!!! We'll be there Dec 20-27! Back in time for our nephew's 4th birthday!
So, this morning I witnessed a two days my new Snow Peas grew from this....

To THIS!!! Isn't that amazing!

It's a confirmation that I REALLY don't kill everything! Neato. However I did notice that the bamboo I had in my house that I cleaned out the jar a week ago- yeah I realized I never put water back in it- what a dummy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Awake & Alert- 10-18-07 Article in the Get Out section of the East Valley Tribune

So it was pretty exciting to see Awake & Alert's article in the paper today! I had a hard time scanning this puppy so I decided to go digital and just take a pic of it- hopefully it is readable! In case it's not- go here to read the full article! A&A is out in LA tonight playing in Pomona at the Glass House with Facing New York and Cursive. My little bro Nate gets to check the show while I'm home all alone- boo hoo!!

A&A will be playing at the Knitting Factory in LA tomorrow night and then coming back to AZ to play a FREE show at the new Tempe Market Place shopping center at 8:30 pm on Saturday night! Come support A&A! There will be a ton of other bands and from what I hear the festivities start around 2pm. It should be a fun day! Not quite sure yet, but it may be a 21+ event.

Public shame...

I deserve it... I am doing this to teach myself a lesson- I want as much negative, mean, ruthless commentary EVER about this post. Seriously...I've had a lot of time (28 years) to reflect on my habits, and this week marks the beginning of a miracle. Yes, I decided to stop biting my fingernails. It's funny, Blake says he NEVER sees me biting my nails- then how would you explain these....

If that wasn't bad enough how about an even closer shot...
These are what I've lovingly labeled as nubbins. My nail beds look like an infant's- they're that small. So I know that this is both too late for the '07 New Years Resolution as well as too early for the '08 NYR- but lets be serious-I am WAY too old to have this disgusting habit. I hope I don't gross other people out the way Lebron James grosses me out....

So- how will I defeat this habit? The magical polish- HOOF- Stop the Bite!

Why does this sound like I have a TOE nail biting problem?? Gees, great brand name!! Lame! So if you've never had to use this stuff, let's just say it makes vitamins taste like freakin HEAVEN! BLACHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

So, the good thing about this stuff= I won't bite my nails with this stuff polished on.

The bad stuff= don't even THINK about eating a scrumptious bag of Cheetos or a chocolate candy that has no shell because the second you EVEN try to lick your fingers you will be APPALLED at the taste going in your mouth! Putting my fingers to my mouth has never felt like a problem- hopefully it won't take too long for this habit to go away!!

Wish me luck! I'm tackling Satan himself!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I can't even say how exstatic I am about the fact that I only have 10 more classes and 4 months of student teaching until I have my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education as of Monday. It sounds short, but I won't actually finish classes until December of '08 then will do student teaching Jan-Apr '09. And that is all barring that I don't switch my schedule or have any major life changing events- yeah right. Plus I have to pass this AZ state exam by September and that is only SLIGHTLY stressful. I am going to try to fit in study time for that between my classes if possible! Another "yeah right".

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A delightful day...

So Saturday was incredibly relaxing- yet I got SO much done! I slept a whole 8 hours Friday night and that was just delightful...the first of many delights! (Friday night too was delightful playing Catan with Sar- thanks for the much needed fun!!).

Then Blake and I rode our bikes around the neighborhood and around where we live- the weather was just perfect- the breeze and the beginning of fall coming around with a slight chill in the air- but with the warm sun on my back was just delightful. I can't even count how many times I said "WEEEEE" as we rode bikes...I am so easily entertained.

Then when we got home from bike riding I did my daily garden tending and decided it was as good of a day as any to put up a trellis and get my peas started for the fall! I can't wait to see them grow! My garden is progressing just beautifully! Every vegetable that I planted (except for salad lettuce) has started growing. It is another DEEEELIGHTFUL thing.

We also took some time to enjoy sitting out on our front porch! SO delightful. And watching the bees pollinate the bushes nearby. It didn't take long for me to say "BEE" that Blake fled indoors. My dad had bee hives on our property when I was a kid so I am just facinated by them... however, the sound of bees gets my skin crawling!

As the day progressed we decided to sell our old cell phones on Craigslist and literally within an hour they were sold! How amazing that site is. I really can't justify spending time on that site- you can waste so much time there unless you go in knowing EXACTLY what you want.

Anypoo- we decided to have date night with the money we made from our cell phones so we drove over to US Airways arena and checked a pre season Suns vs Hornets basketball game. We follow the Suns pretty heavily so we were excited to see them back in action. They didn't play their starters much but the game was still exciting! Sean Marks is one of my favorite "benchers". He did an incredible job last night. A few weeks ago Blake and I were shopping at Ikea and saw Sean there and I couldn't figure out for the life of me who he was. I said to Blake "How do I know that guy? He looks so familiar!" Yeah- so if I were to have been standing right next to him I would've figured out right away he was on the Suns since he's like- 7 ft tall!! I do that all the time- recognize people but don't figure out who they are until hours later. Luckily Blake figured it out right away and was pretty phased by it.... he got kinda star struck. He was so close to bro-ing it up with him! HAHA.

Steve Nash is my HARDEST player! Simply amazing!


So today has also been incredibly delightful. Spending the morning at church and this afternoon doing "relaxing" things has been great. A beautiful "SUN"day with perfect weather & being able to read a book out on the porch = DELIGHTFUL.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My new nephew...

So I haven't had a chance to blog about the newest member of our family- Parker Stevens Grant who was born on 9-28-07! I didn't have any good pics to post until today so I wanted to share our excitement to all- Parker is Blake's sister Jaime's 2nd son- and he's just adorable!

And here is Jax as the big brother- he's gonna get good at this "big brother" thing!

What a cute family they have become! We are so happy for you guys Jaime, Jason, Jax and now Parker! Can't wait to come out and actually hold this sweet little boy!

These bitter pills....

My breakfast...vitamins...yummy. Are you getting that taste in your mouth yet? You know...the bitter one of vitamins going down your throat. Yuck. And that is just what I take for breakfast- YIKES!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tender moments...

So- I just loved getting to watch/listen to General Conference. I did get to watch the Saturday morning session as well as both sessions today and I just felt like so many of those talks were aimed at me. Little snipits from this talk and that made my heart just swell. I loved the talks from Richard G. Edgley, Spencer J. Condie(my fave), Dieter F. Uchdorf, Henry B. Eyring, Julie Beck, Christoffel Golden Jr., David A. Bednar, Robert D. Hales, Dallin H. Oaks, and of course President Gordon B. Hinckley.

I know I don't say it enough, but I am so greatful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is a beautiful gospel with principles that are good and wholesome in this crazy world. I am thankful to know that we can live again one day with our families after death and see the blessings of our obediance from here on this earth. I love remembering that Christ atoned for every earthly sin and knows us each personally and knows what trials and struggles we go through. I know that I am a daughter of God, born into "my family" for a divine reason and that I am tested every day in choices of the world. Today I needed to be deep- I don't do it nearly enough.

Friday, October 5, 2007

A miracle! Green in AZ

So it seems I DON'T kill everything my hand touches (like King Midas' touch)...just wanted to share a miracle of green even in the brown state of Arizona. This garden is actually proving to be quite therapeutic...many of you know Blake and I have been trying to start a family- I think it will be good for me to get some "relaxation" time in with the garden so as to give my body a break from all of the stress of trying to conceive, work, school, church, and of course a social life.
** Look Sarah- my turnips are growing and you'll be the first recipient once they get crunchy! :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

My life in the last week...

So, it's been busy. What's new! My parents came to visit, which is why I was "out to lunch". It was great having them here and also going down to Maricopa to visit my brother and his family. Not like it's THAT far- but it just seems like that long vacation in the car and you're on the home stretch and it just seems to drag on...that is like the drive to Maricopa. I'm sure it will be better once they get the freeway all patched up nice.

This is why I (especially) love Maricopa- my neice Indianna! Mom & Dad stayed at our house for the first part of their stay and then stayed with my bro the second half. It was only the second time my parents had gotten to spend seeing their grandbaby so they were just exstatic!

I took off a few days of work- which was much needed- and got to work on designing a garden for my side yard. The space is really tricky since our entire yard is only 35' X 9'. So we did lots of measuring, LOTS of looking in my Arizona garden guide, and lots of color cooridinating and figuring out the full sun/part sun plant issue. I never realized how much planning would be involved with the garden...I am still extremely sore. My dad and I nailed these huge steel rods into the ground and through these huge beams- and wow- my back aches. I am such a weakling. It was surpising how much dirt we needed = 25 bags!!

So after all of the back breaking hammering we got to fill in the the time it was dark. Doesn't my dad look so cute in his sweatband! :)

I had such a great time getting the flowers and seeds. Here is the finished product!!

I planted carrots, lettuce, turnips, broccoli, spinach and will add peas in the next few weeks. I am so excited to grow SOMETHING!!