Friday, January 25, 2008

Your vote...

So I'm usually a pretty patient person...oh wait, that is how I wish I was, nevermind. So, this single guy that lives across the way from Blake and I has (on multiple occasions) come over and (embarrassingly) asked to borrow 1) our vacuum (since girls are coming over) and 2) our toilet plunger. Where do I even begin with this? Isn't that supposed to be an unmentionable? I mean, really... what guy would rather have a married woman imagining him fishing a gigantic pooh out of the toilet rather than just driving 2 minutes to Walmart to spend $3 on a plunger? So, where is this all leading, you ask?

Well, since he and his roommates moved in around October, I have heard this guys car alarm go off at least twice each night. How does that happen? How do you as a car owner, not understand how annoying that must be for other people? Nevermind, he is the same guy that would borrow a plunger from a married woman than buy one himself. Sheesh. What is even more funny is that if you touched the car from the outside the alarm wouldn't go off, but if no one is around it just goes off all by itself. I am really tempted to write a note and put it on the car that says "Please turn the sensitivity of your alarm down, since it obviously goes off for no reason". Or maybe it could just say "Dear Neighbor: Your car alarm goes off an awful lot. Anything you can do about that?" Please cast your that too harsh/not harsh enough?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've always had a problem with resolutions since I aim for the moon and don't even get close to the stars. The very first Sunday of the year I listened to a great lesson about making goals and I really think this is a good year to start. First things first...write them down.

My top 8 for 2008

1. Read my scriptures. and, ifs, or buts about it.
2. Say morning prayers...I just have a hard time with this one- nightly prayers=no problem.
3. Clean my house little by little each week so I don't get overwhelmed one day trying to do it all.
4. Not jump to conclusions before hearing a response.
5. Listen better (in general)
6. Walk 3 days a week for 30 minutes... ( I have to start somewhere right?)
7. Tell people I appreciate them more...I don't thank people nearly enough!
8. Don't criticize self or others for imperfections.

That's my list and I'm sticking to it. At least most of it- I hope....maybe I should've put "Be more positive".

Happy New Yiz... '08 style.

The start of our New Yiz party '08!!
Who came: The Reeds, The Rogers, The Dentons, The Grants, Chelsea and some single dudes, Jonny Hajax and Rajiv (after midnight).
My friends are so dramatic. Kaylo enjoying her human blanket E-man.
Schmilies looks like a cute little turtle.
How creepy are we in 2008!
All in moderation....Martinelli's that is.
Little m stayed up longer than the Reeds. I think they played the "tired" card so they could go get booty at midnight. Same goes with the Grants. The Rogers look so cute.And the night rests. Goodnight moon.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm baaaaaaackk.......part 5

So, we spent a few days after Christmas in Colorado playing with our gifts and the newly fallen snow. There are lots of pics- and not too much writing- I can only do SO much.
Indianna is so laughy!Every waking moment Callia would ask for "Anna" (short for Indianna) if she wasn't around. They were like two peas in a pod this vacation- it was so cute!Indi loved playing dress up- there is a lot to find in the closet!The littlest farmers!Those gloves were just her size! The snow in its beauty.We drove to Fort Collins and went sledding at Edora Park near Epic Ice Skating Rink. I haven't been there in YEARS! I went down the hill with Indi.
Nate is the KING of awkward faces in pictures. Amy looks cute.
Callia loved the snow as long as someone was holding her. Dan to the rescue.

Camille was such a big girl and went down many times by herself!
After a few runs down the hill, Indianna didn't want to be pulled up the hill on the sled so she decided to pull the sled herself. Even while wearing a plastic bag for pants.
Nate showing off his snowboarding on a sled skills. Impressive.
Grandma, Mom & Dad watching the kids freeze their buns off!
Indianna loved sledding with her daddy Eli!

Dad was all gutsy going down the hill on the old school runner sled we had when I was a kid. It's pretty much a gonner.
Callia didn't like a cold bum. I don't blame her one bit. She reminded me of the kid in "A Christmas Story". She had a hard time getting up once she fell down.
Camille and Mom (my sister Katy) had a blast going on the saucer sled!
I love the wind blown cheek look. She is like a little icicle.Indi loved eating the snow...I guess you need some refreshment when you walk up and down the hill a hundred times!

Katy with Callie and Indi!
Another beautiful Colorado sunset!
Nate loved horsing around with our neice Camille- she has such an infectious laugh!
We were tuckered out by the end of this day (to say the least)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm baaaaaaackk.......part 4

Christmas morning....looking out to see a WHITE CHRISTMAS starting!!! Camille and Callia patiently awaiting the gift opening extravaganza!
Blake and I got these really cool glasses in our stocking...thank Santa. When you look at Christmas lights each pair of glasses has a different shape (like a Santa face, snowflake, star, Christmas tree, angel, etc.) These were our wow factor for the day.
Camille found a little catepillar on the Christmas tree since it got cut down in the mountains nearby and wanted to keep it as a pet. Don't know exactly where that little guy ended up. Hmm. Camille is such a bug lover. Santa brought Callie a rocking horse and Camille a new bike. They were both exstatic!
Indianna loved the maraccas and clapper I got for her! I can tell she is a big music lover!Camille was the prettiest ballerina!Just a little peek out the front door at the beautiful snow!Nate was phased to get a guitar this year...something to get him going since he can do the rest on his computer and keyboard. Christmas dinner was huge! We had the aunts, uncles and cousins down from Westminster and Boulder and grandma came from Illinois! Nate even had his gf Amy come from LA to visit for a few days during the holidays- she is a real sweetheart. My mom always insists on doing "girls only" and "guys only" activities. It makes me laugh but we really had a great time! Here is the "boys" table. I wonder what their conversation consisted of? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

A Christmas tradition is laying out our gifts (for insurance purposes- in case of a house fire) and here was Blake's stuff.
And my stuff. Notice Santa (or Blake) got me a few "____ for Dummies" books... what is he trying to say here?

Overall Christmas day was tiring but extremely satisfying watching the kids with their gifts and constant smiles (except when their new toy was being played with by another kid). You can only win so much!

I'm baaaaaaackk.......part 3

For Christmas '07 we ended up going to Colorado again to spend the holidays with Mandy's family. Unfortunately I had had an extremely busy December, making gifts for friends and family, and by the time we got there, both Blake and I came down with a lovely cough and the runny/stuffy nose issue. That was super fun. Really the only rough parts of the sickness were difficulty staying asleep and coughing uncontrollably due to dry throat in the middle of the night. Even with all the sickies...we managed to have a great time with the family.
Here are my parents reading stories to the neices- Camille and Callia. They LOVE Papa and Grandma. We also had a great time playing games including dominos, speed scrabble, and Cities & Knights of Catan (my new game for Christmas!)

Indianna loved to sneak into the rocker when her cousin Callia wasn't looking. Perfect place for a sweet little girl.
The girls loved playing with the little kitchen- it made noises for many of the appliances and they just loved that. Callia was always baking up something!
Here was the gorgeous sunset on Christmas Eve- truly a sight to behold.

Blake holding Indianna before a trek out into the snow. She loved the snow and cried when she had to come back into the house!
Here is my mom and I whipping up a new holiday treat I learned how to make this year! Oreo Balls are super scrumptious!!
Callie and Indi were always climbing into my lap to read books. I love reading to the little ones...can't wait till I can read to my own kiddies! I loved being read to as a kid, reading on my own as a kid, and now listening to books on CD as an adult (just kidding. I read mostly any book I have time for)
Here are the girls at their mini table- boy you'd be really suprised at how bent out of shape kids can get if you switch the colored chair they've sat in more than once. Sheesh. How was I supposed to know she'd been sitting in the red chair the whole time?
One of the highlights was watching Callia zoom down the stairs on her bum. It was cute hearing her basey laugh! She sounds EXACTLY like my sister!

I found this super cute plush nativity set for the girls this year and we had a great time having them set up the nativity as my dad read Luke. It's so fun to get the kids involved with the story!