Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm baaaaaaackk.......part 1

Did you think I was lost?? Well...I've missed the blogosphere...It's been over a month since I've blogged and believe me...I've missed it. I guess for myself I need to recap the happenings...since really all who read this have been (for the most part) involved in all of it.

So Dec. 14, 2007 my work (University of Phoenix- University Services division) hosted a Casino Night for our Christmas Party (and if you want to talk PC- it would be the "Holiday Party"). Sheesh...It's Christmas and, ifs, or buts about it. Here is Blake and I with the Rat Pack. They sounded pretty good for being dead guys. Here is a picture of the 5 total minutes that Blake sat next to me at the dinner table the whole night- (unbeknowst to me- they served lobster with chicken for dinner- and Blake is deathly allergic to shellfish) so he ducked out most of the dinnertime and went to fill up the car with gas, hit up the nearest In 'N Out for dinner and hung around in the hotel lobby drinking hot chocolate. I felt so bad!!
Here are the girls I work with- they are so fun!

The whole night I kept thinking about the episode of "The Office" when they did casino night cause we all got fake money to gamble with and I kept thinking about Kreed stealing the chips so he could win the prizes...well- I didn't steal any chips but I did win $1000 of fake money in craps...I love that game. However I didn't win any of the awesome raffles they had...which was a bummer since I made Blake stay until late into the night...but I had fun. Blake was such a trooper.


sarbear said...

welcome home mandy. welcome home.

LetterToKayleen said...

i've been waiting patiently for your re-arrival. (can you re-arrive somewhere?... whatever.)

Cori Carpenter said...

I was wondering where you were!! What a fun night! I immediately thought of "The Office" Casino Night as well, when you said that! I miss The Office!!

Alicia said...

Sometime it is important to take a brake and just relax... :)

diana rose said...

welcome back, we missed you.

i can't believe you know how to play craps. i can't understand that game, impressive.

{alisse t} said...

Alright... knew you'd come around! (16 candles quote, sorry, I'm kind of obsessed)

Work Holiday parties are always interesting. I look at them as a free meal. Because I'm classy like that.