Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm baaaaaaackk.......part 4

Christmas morning....looking out to see a WHITE CHRISTMAS starting!!! Camille and Callia patiently awaiting the gift opening extravaganza!
Blake and I got these really cool glasses in our stocking...thank Santa. When you look at Christmas lights each pair of glasses has a different shape (like a Santa face, snowflake, star, Christmas tree, angel, etc.) These were our wow factor for the day.
Camille found a little catepillar on the Christmas tree since it got cut down in the mountains nearby and wanted to keep it as a pet. Don't know exactly where that little guy ended up. Hmm. Camille is such a bug lover. Santa brought Callie a rocking horse and Camille a new bike. They were both exstatic!
Indianna loved the maraccas and clapper I got for her! I can tell she is a big music lover!Camille was the prettiest ballerina!Just a little peek out the front door at the beautiful snow!Nate was phased to get a guitar this year...something to get him going since he can do the rest on his computer and keyboard. Christmas dinner was huge! We had the aunts, uncles and cousins down from Westminster and Boulder and grandma came from Illinois! Nate even had his gf Amy come from LA to visit for a few days during the holidays- she is a real sweetheart. My mom always insists on doing "girls only" and "guys only" activities. It makes me laugh but we really had a great time! Here is the "boys" table. I wonder what their conversation consisted of? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

A Christmas tradition is laying out our gifts (for insurance purposes- in case of a house fire) and here was Blake's stuff.
And my stuff. Notice Santa (or Blake) got me a few "____ for Dummies" books... what is he trying to say here?

Overall Christmas day was tiring but extremely satisfying watching the kids with their gifts and constant smiles (except when their new toy was being played with by another kid). You can only win so much!

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diana rose said...

mandy, you made out like a bandit!