Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The talents of others...

Thanks Kays for making art out of us...we appreciate your eye and talent!

Yes, Jovie loves to rock & roll!

Blake has a grimace on his face- Jovie's got quite the pinchers!!

Squirmy little Jovester... she just wanted to climb up these steps!

Uh, yeah- the ivy is TOTALLY thorny. Ouch. But it does make a nice slanty background.

P.S.- Blake has lost 70 lbs since April- doesn't he look GREAT!! (And all by counting calories!)
I LOVE how hacked Jovie is in this fairness- I forgot her bottle and all of those steps are WAY too tempting to kiddos!

If I wasn't smiling in this picture (and replaced it with a look of terror) it might look like she is falling! Haha.

Our first official family pics. Overall a success. Even if the top button of my sweater was in the 2nd button hole. Yeah... starting new trends without even trying. Ha.