Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The little things...

Sometimes it's just great to see people conquer their fears...for Jovie, it just happened to be goats. She loves dogs, ferrets, cats, chickens, etc, and will pet just about anything. But when it came down to hanging out with the goats at the petting zoo, Jovie just wasn't having it. We've been reading lots of farm books and singing "Old Macdonald Had A Farm" and maybe that was easing her into liking goats, so either way it was success. She wanted to pet every single goat (literally) in the zoo. It was sort of obnoxious, but I was happy to go with it. It was sort of endearing- even though goats are pretty creepy with their rectangular pupils. She just kept pointing and saying "this one" to each one she wanted to pet. I love childhood excitement!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


This months themes for photos in photo club
celebrity, cliche, road trip, vintage


He's a pretty famous bear. We weren't limiting this to people, 
were we? ;)

 Shoe pics are rough. I can't decide if I hate it more because you 
want people to get phased off of your shoes or because it's the 
closest thing you can take of yourself that isn't a cliche 
"self-in-mirror" pic (don't get me wrong- I've taken them too!)

"Road Trip"
I like a little adventure, even if that includes sitting in the middle 
of the beeline highway on a beautiful spring day. Love those 
rolling roads.

Found this beat up little gem on a private property in the 
desert. Let's just say I rolled down the window to my car, 
snapped a quick pic, and high-tailed it out of there. I didn't 
know what kind of weirdos were lingering.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Come and gone...

I can't believe February has already come and gone. I don't even feel like I have anything to show for it!! I guess a lot of my time has been spent reading, praying, thinking, driving, singing, chasing, laughing, cooking, entertaining, babysitting, planning, etc. etc. etc. Life is busy. And I only have one kiddo. I do enjoy the downtime. I know it will be limited once we have more children. But for now I am enjoying things. I love watching Blake interact with Jovie. He is so good with her. He makes her giggle ALL THE TIME. It is so cute. Exhibit A. I am one lucky lady.

In other news: A few weeks ago I was called to be the Assistant Ward Choir Director (to become the director in a month when the current one moves out of the ward). I was really excited and thought..."This should be easy...I've sang in choirs my whole life. I know music. I love music. I love church music. This should be a snap." Well, I actually love getting humbled. I needed the humbling. Directing choir music is HARD. Harder than I ever thought. I've always been on the receiving end- getting the feedback. Now I'm giving the feedback- and it's tough!  I need a music 101 refresher course, evidently. Well, I've said some prayers. Not very many people have shown up to choir practice in the last few weeks. We were scheduled to sing a version of the hymn "Love at Home" on Sunday. I was so worried no one would show up. I am lucky to say that my prayers were answered. There were almost 20 people who showed up and it sounded amazing!! I directed the choir and didn't mess up. That was some sort of miracle. I know that music brings the Spirit, and lifts the soul. I needed some lifting.

I know that it would be weird to have children that weren't musical since that is such a huge part of mine and Blake's lives. Well, Jovie is no exception. Since she was very little she has responded well to music...she bobs to the beat, she claps, she sings, she dances. I love this. It makes me so happy. I caught a small part today of Jovie singing "I Am A Child Of God". It helps remind me that I'm not totally failing at this thing called "Parenting". I am a teacher. I am a Mother. I love her.