Saturday, May 9, 2009

It is, that is...

I am a Phoenix!!! I FINALLY completed my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education!!
Only one more test to take and I'll have my certification to be a teacher!
Commencement at University of Phoenix stadium- me on the jumbo tron!!Holla...Me with my (not so real) diploma. Saaaaaawweeeeeeeeeeet!

My babies helping me celebrate. Blake bought that beautiful lai for me- how thoughtful!!

That 102 degree heat got us revved up for some swimming time. This was Jovie's first real day at the pool (too bad she hadn't napped all morning because she was ultra tired and cranky- but a trooper none-the-less!)

My brother Eli and his cute little guy Isaiah- it was his first time in the pool too and he LOVED it! He is a natural water baby!

My neice Indianna just loved floating around and enjoying the water- what a smile!!

Jovie took a little ride in the turtle floatie...I don't think she's quite convinced she likes the water... yet...Jovie and Isaiah playing on the floor- they are so funny together. Jovie isn't crawling yet and Isaiah (who is 3 months older than her) is just crawling all over the place and Jovie just thinks he's the funniest thing ever! She loves little kids- it's too funny!Overall it was a very satisfying day...totally nice to be among family and finally get that degree over and done with!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Now, what's next?