Monday, February 25, 2013

Butt shots- Day 2 and good news!

Man, now my butt is equally sore, on both sides!! Thank goodness for ice packs, numbing cream, and heating pads all night. I'm sure when I wake up tomorrow it will feel like I've done lunges across the country. Except, I haven't done anything except for light walking...Dr's orders. I have a hard time being told NOT to work out especially since I've done more exercise in the last 9 months than the last 9 years!!! And I'm gaining back a few lbs that I worked SO HARD to lose. Oh well- pregnancy is worth it!!

Blake has proven to be quite the phlebotomist!! I'm lucky to have a tough husband, not a weak person like me who passes out getting an IV put in or who panics when people bleed or barf. I definitely married up!!

Today we got great news. Out of the 21 eggs retrieved yesterday- 10 have fertilized and 3 are partially fertilized! I am so grateful for this experience. I know that whatever happens, I know that it is what we were supposed to do. I've learned so much about myself and what I'm capable of...and mostly that I'm much stronger than what I give myself credit for.

Now, I just have to get through 12 more days of progesterone butt shots and the worst (hopefully) will be behind me!! (Get it??? ... behind...)

****Oh, and the embryologist called and said that 1 more egg did well, and is able to be frozen!!! That is fantastic news for today! The possibility of one more baby is a beautiful, humbling thought!!****

And also, a great big Happy Birthday to my brother Eli- who turns 39 today!!! We had a great day playing his favorite game (and becoming my fave too) Dominion, Jovie got to play with her beloved cousins (Indi, Isaiah, Jazlyn and Jaycee) and we celebrated with pizza, wings and caramel brownies!
Jaycee smiled and cooed at me and that was so great! What an awesome day!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Egg transfer x2!!

So this morning at my egg transfer the dr and embryologist showed us our two best eggs and that they weren't quite to the level they had hoped to be at, so instead of only transferring one egg they recommended we transfer both!! This came as a surprise and shock from the doctor, but really it's been in my head the last few weeks of this process! The other eggs they were going to continue to watch and give us details tomorrow on their progress- to see if they would be freezable or not!

Blake has been great and supportive today especially. I know the thought of having more than one baby at a time is a very real possibility here, and it may just be extremely overwhelming to Blake. Of course don't discount me, having twins (or more) sounds crazy, but I know what an amazing daddy Blake is and I have faith that Heavenly Father would point us in the right direction for support in each other and those around us! I can do this!! There is nothing in life I want more than children and I know that when the time is right that we will be blessed with those sweet spirits ready to join our family here on earth. Even though Blake and Jovie didn't get to come into the procedure room while they put in those two embryos- they were eager to see me when it was done. (And the process wasn't bad at all- kind of like a trip to the OBGYN)

Of course Jovie wanted to be near me because she was worried, as well as excited to know if I had "brudders or sisters" in my belly. Kids really do comprehend more than we know! Love those freckles and baby blues!

I had to stay stationary for a while so Jovie kept me company and it sure was nice to have my family rooting for me! 


Friday, February 22, 2013

Splitting cells...

Well, it's always an exciting/nerve wracking/scary feeling talking to the embryologist (Sherry) on the phone. I want to remember everything she says, but I have THE WORST short term memory ever!!

She said today that out of the embryos that are progressing there are 6 today that are up to par with the option to implant/freeze- so that is good. She said the others are progressing a bit slower but they may just catch up in two days when I go in for my appointment. We are on day 3 so at this point many are at the 7-8 cell stage. This pic below helps to outline all of what's happening. Luckily for me, it's all happening in a petri dish, instead of (ironically) in my one remaining left tube. The picture is basically accurate of my body! :) 

Sunday (Day 5) is the big day. And I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Egg Retrieval Day!!

Today is a very big day. It's been weighing on my mind for a long time. I never pictured myself having trouble getting pregnant, struggling to keep those precious babies carried inside of me. At this point I've got a healthy, happy 4 year old and 4 miscarriages that followed. I never really pictured doing in-vitro as an option to get pregnant. I figured I'd adopt since going through the process with my sister giving a baby for adoption when she was 20 years old. That is more familiar and natural. I've thought that it was slightly strange using science to "play God" and make babies. But at this point I know it is the path that feels right. Heavenly Father blesses us with children in so many ways, and this process has been one I've learned SO much about myself, and the actual strength I have to endure through anything. I've always considered myself to be weak when it comes to things of the body. I don't handle them well...blood, barf, needles, pain. Need I go on? Well, I've never barfed in my life...ever. So that is just unfamiliar and scary.

Today, it didn't surprise me that the worst part was the IV. My hands have horrible veins. IV's don't stick. So, in the process of the nurse trying to get that needle in there my hands get clammy, forehead starts to sweat, stomach gets queasy, ears start to muffle and face starts turning Santa beard white. This is familiar. And the nurse (and Blake) notices immediately. She stops the IV- tilts me back in the chair and hurries for a wet washcloth to put on my forehead. Ahhhhhh. There is no embarrassment in that. AT. ALL. Geez. (It's weird that there have been SO many instances that I remember this happening, but I don't remember this happening the day I had Jovie- and they even poked me 3 times on my right hand and finally switched to my left and it worked!)

So, egg retrieval went well. I stayed home all day- had Blake home to take care of me and life goes on. Now, we wait and see what those sweet little eggs do!

Me post-op and feeling well (that was the best anesthesia I've ever had- you wake up almost immediately and NOT groggy at all!! Bam, baby. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Best. Valentine's. Ever.

So, I on occasion am a descent gift giver. It is definitely not my strength- because I, for one am happy 99% of the time with gift cards. That being said, I thought giving Blake Lower levels tickets to the Suns/Celtics would be a fun gift (and date for us to go on!)

But he trumped me. I guess he HAS been listening. It arrived on the front porch yesterday and I was just dumb founded!!! I couldn't believe he bought me a CELLO!! I've been wanting to play since elementary school! I played the violin in 5th & 6th grade, but couldn't play cello since it was too far to walk to/from school with that big, heavy instrument!

I've always enjoyed the beautiful, calm sound of the cello, and it was made clear to me a few years ago when hearing Rob Gardner's version of The Lamb of God where the Savior's voice is portrayed by the cello. So beautifully done. Maybe one day I will be able to play some of the songs from it!

For now, I'm grateful for a sweet, thoughtful husband. Hopefully I will learn to play. I am just so giddy, it hurts!