Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Momma raised me right...

But I'm immature in ways and gas is just one of those ways...this was pretty much the funniest thing I've ever seen...

Back on track...

I think it's totally funny how I love blogging in spurts and that knowing all of the things I have to blog about, I just get overwhelmed and can't focus on where to begin...

I didn't really blog about Christmas so that is where I will leave off.

Please be patient with me...I (literally) only have 10 more weeks of school left and I couldn't be happier to have my sanity and good intentions back!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Birthday happenings...

Today was Camille's 5th birthday!! Happy Birthday Camille-e-buns!! She couldn't believe the waiter at the restaurant knew it was HER birthday!! She's so cute when she is embarrassed!

Camille chose to go to the Denver Aquarium so away we went! Mom & Dad posing outside!

Callie (aka Bug Bug) was LOVING chasing the bubbles outside!

Oh, I love the excitement on kids faces over something so simple...BUBBLES!!

Callie next to sharkeeeee!

I'm thinking about changing professions...what do you think?

Camille is in AWE looking at the giant freshwater turtle!

Love the puffer fish!

The aquarium was teeming with life!

The Carpenter family (5 of 6- missing Eli's family) L to R: Katy & Dan Ellis, Nate w/ gf Amy, Camille Ellis, Blake & Jovie, Mom, Dad, Me & Callia Ellis.

The Ellis family feeding the sting cool!

Oh, the box jelly fish...awesome.

Doesn't this guy look grumpy?

Jovie was having a tough time... hard to sleep with so much action going on!!

Look at this gorgeous tiger! Tigers at aquariums is a tech. I'm sure it was LOVING all the water surrounding it!

That is SO much like Nate to stick his finger in a tank full of piranhas. What a dork!

Bug Bug was loving the sharks!!

Those sting rays are so smoothe!

The aquarium even had snakes...

I've always loved can add sea horses to that list as well. So cool!

This little guy was quite unique!

The sharks were all over the place in this tank!

Now THAT is a phasing sky line

Camille got what she loves the most- Strawberry ice cream cake from Coldstone.