Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This has truly been one of those days. Joyous and sad all at once.

For the past few years Blake's Aunt Connie has struggled with breast cancer. She was released this morning from her mortal body and was able to reunite with her parents in heaven. She was a magnificent woman. So much strength, positivity, happiness, and Christ-like love for others. She will truly be missed here on this earth. She was always so kind and welcomed me into the family with open arms. Many tears have been shed on her behalf, but we know that we will see her again and be reunited for eternity!

In other news, Blake's sister Chelsea was married today to Rajiv Patel in the Mesa Arizona LDS Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony. As you can imagine, emotions were running high today (I'm pretty sure I went through at least one mini pack of tissue and dirtied a sleeve or two of my own). I loved how the sealer spoke of the 4 C's- commitment, communication, care and covenants. We are so thrilled for the both of them and know that they have found each other for a reason. We couldn't be happier! We are excited to spend Thanksgiving with the whole family and celebrate at their reception on Saturday!

Not that you care, or are even interested...but I got my period today- on top of everything else going on. Why say this at all- you ask? Millions of women around the world are dealing with this today too. Well, this just means one more thing to me ...that I'm not pregnant. You may or may not know that we've been 'trying' for the last 8 months to no avail. This isn't super surprising as it took us 3 years to get pregnant with Jovie. I am absolutely positive that the Lord knows all things and that it comes in due time. But it also doesn't mean I can't be frustrated or sad when things we hope for (especially children) don't come when WE think it's time. I'm sure that stress has something to do with it as well...but honestly I know I just need to lean on the Savior's shoulder through this trial. I will get through this. I will have more children (eventually). I will cry...lots. But I will continue to have faith in my Heavenly Father that he knows ALL things, and the right timing for them. Jovie came at the PERFECT time. I know that now. I'm sure He knew that moving at the beginning of December, grieving through an Aunt's passing, celebrating the wedding of my sister-in-law, Thanksgiving, and vacationing with my family to California for 5 days the first week of December was all too much on top of being pregnant. I should probably just be grateful. I am. I have SO much to be grateful for.

Breathe, just breathe. This (month) too shall pass.

Friday, November 19, 2010


If you're wondering where I've been (which, let's be honest- you probably haven't noticed since I've been a super sporadic blogger in the past, well, forever...) I've been letting the natural course of life take it's course. However, I think I skipped my whole middle age (partially out of the desire to forget I actually just turned 32 yrs old...boooo) and went straight to 80. I wasn't planning to go quite so quickly, but when I started sorting all the stuff that was tucked away, sorted, neglected and otherwise shoved to the back of the closet in my "crap", I mean "craft room", I happened upon a felt advent calendar that I had purchased who knows  HOW many years ago, in the hopes that I would (someday) finish it.

Well, I knew that I'd be moving to a new house sometime before Christmas, and wouldn't it be nice to finish a project that is Christmasy oriented?? Well, I will be honest and say that I couldn't just stare this project in the face and say "maybe next year". It was calling me...NOW! I have spent many afternoons during Jovie's nap time and at nights in the pale glow of the tv working on this...and I'm still working on it. But the great thing is that I haven't lost steam. And I haven't neglected Jovie (well, not usually). And I've still spent time packing the house- EVERY DAY! And I've made dinner (usually). This has been one of the most fun, challenging, and rewarding projects I've ever done. And so grandma-ish, I know. But I've just been itching to do something other than read a new book, or watch DVRed shows. But I still do manage to watch anything HGTV while sewing. All that creativity just keeps me motivated!

Amongst all of the string, sequins, fluff, poked and bleeding fingers, I've gotten to enjoy something that was part of my childhood. And I hope to finish this by December 1- in time for the 'advent calendar' part to come to fruition. It is just NOT in my nature to finish things...but this time I WILL!!