Friday, June 29, 2012

Artificial Insemination (IUI)...round 2.

So, we tried out insemination for the first time last month. Not successful. Sad? Of course. Awful, actually. But, I am more and more astounded at the kindness of people who live in my neighborhood and who just plain care about my family and I. Aimee Teerlink and Kate Winsor have been my angels since moving in to this house. I honestly don't know what I'd do without these great friends in my life. They aren't the only ones either...just the ones I can mention at this point.

So, upon trying another round of insemination, they upped my Clomid from 50 mg to 100 mg. Man, that stuff really puts me in a mood...geez. Watch out, world!! Good thing I only had to take it 5 days.

Just for memories sake, I'm going to document my monthly routine for IUI.

Days 1-3- Period
Day 3- Ultrasound (to make sure there aren't any cysts on the ovaries caused by Clomid)
Days 3-7- Take Clomid
Day 10- Get Booty (for better lack of words)
Day 12- Ultrasound (had 25 mm follicle on left ovary- none on right ovary). Did trigger shot (which tells your body to ovulate) that night- Blake did the shot and everything went smoothly- as smoothly as can be when your husband is stabbing you with a needle. Guh- I hate needles. Maybe this whole process is supposed to teach me to be tolerant of blood, needles and shots. Geez. Also... get booty.
Day 14- IUI DAY! I actually got to watch them on an ultrasound insert the tube with semen up into my uterus. That was a trip. At least I know it is getting done properly! Oh- and Jovie witnessed it too (hopefully these won't be one of those horrific memories of childhood that she doesn't figure out until she's 30)...she was playing on the iPad for the most part, but of course she was curious as to what Dr. Zoneraich was doing with all of those "things".
Day 28- Blood test to determine pregnancy. Well, last time one of the nurses called at about 1pm- with the negative pregnancy news. This time, I waited until 3:45pm and finally called the office cuz I couldn't wait another second- and the receptionist said Dr. Larsen would be calling with results in a little while. Ok, so at 4:30pm he calls to tell me the pregnancy is POSITIVE!! But (and yes, a BIG but...) he said I MAY have what is called a (bio)chemical pregnancy. He said that my HCG level was at a 12, but a normal pregnancy is between 50-100 at this stage. It is possible that everything will be just fine and that if my HCG numbers quadruple by Tuesday- when they do another blood test, then the pregnancy is a GO!! But if my numbers go up, but don't quadruple, there is a possibility that I may have ANOTHER ectopic pregnancy. guh. Or, if the HCG numbers go down, then this biochemical pregnancy is happening. In essence, it just means that the sperm and egg joined, but had issues implanting (sometimes is a genetic thing)- which will end up in miscarriage (but really feels and acts just like a period). So, we wait...Tuesday tells it all.

I'm really trying to stay positive. Obviously, I've got babies in heaven trying to make their way down here...I just have to be patient on the timing. It's (mostly) out of my control. It's up to the Lord's time and His will, and my humility and faith.

That said, it freakin' sucks having Blake just leave out of town today to Atlanta to record an album for Her & Gold until Tuesday morning. I just hope no weird crap goes down while he is gone. I can't do that again- it will (for sure) give him a complex about ever leaving me home by myself again.

Little by little...

I've always had a hard time blogging or journalling, as I feel like I either always HAVE to write every detail, or I just try to fill in the cracks from past activities and get totally burned out. I'm gonna just try to GO FORWARD. My posts need to be shorter and sweeter. Is that possible? We will see.