Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jovie gets blessed...

Better blessed late than never, right? It was actually planned so that my parents could be here for it...and since they were here for Thanksgiving, it kinda worked worked out the best! Blake did a fantastic job on the blessing! I am so grateful to have a husband worthy of the priesthood who can bless his daughter in ways the Lord sees fit.

She is just a little beauty!

We got her blessing dress in Cozumel, Mexico when we went on a cruise in May and I was pregnant with her. I figured I'd help out their economy since they do the same for ours...hmmm, wait...nevermind.

What an angel!!

I will probably say this until the day I die...and I know I'm partial, but Jovie is so freakin cute!

A good time for a photo opp of the Carpenters!
Papa and Indianna are all smiles.My favorite thing about this pic of Kayleen is that when the Dentons and the Kimballs shyed away from the camera, she stepped up to the plate and just owned that smile. Thanks for cooperating Kays.

Here is the whole family lineup that were able to make it to the blessing and luncheon
(bottom: Jaime, Parker & Jason Grant, Jaxson Whitehorn, Indianna Carpenter.)
(top: Shauna, Chelsea, Scott, Blake, Jovie, & Mandy Kimball, Robert & Kay Carpenter, Cori, Eli & Isaiah Carpenter.)

Jovie loves hangin' out with Papa. My dad is so good with her!We missed Aunt Katy & fam, Uncle Nate, Mimi and Sarah- they were there in spirit, of course.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lo Lo's Chicken & Waffles

If you've never eaten soul food- make a point to head out to this little joint! It is AMAZING! Everyone who I've brought there has loved it- that is to put it lightly. Lo Lo's is in Phoenix on the NW corner of Central and Yuma (just south of downtown). It is fried chicken (get it smothered with gravy-yummmm) and a side of waffles. It sounds like a bizarre combo of food- but believe me...IT. IS. PHASING!! Oh, and don't forget to get your mason jar filled with delicious (sugary) lemonade...or red kool-aid (whatever suits your fancy).
So I finally got to take my parents there- since every time they come to town we miss going every time. They were impressed- let me tell you!
We also got to take a little jaunt down to Maricopa and spend the afternoon getting spoiled by Christopher pampering Jovie...

Isaiah pulling Eli's hair...

and playing my favorite new board game- Ticket to Ride. I love this game...and it is even one that Blake will play too! Now that is sweet! (Doesn't Eli look too serious!)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Girls night out...Jovie's first movie!

This is how girls night should be spent!! Going to Pita Jungle (for the best glazed chicken lavosh pizza in the bizzznass) with the girls including my mom(s)... and even my baby...

Then seeing a movie that only MY friends would outwardly mock outloud during the movie (yet still be so inwardly phased by)... Twilight... yes, I could go on and on about how the makeup job was horrible and the vampires flying from tree to tree like "spider monkeys" was laughable...however, I still did really like it and it made me giddy. What can I say...I've read the books- no movie has ever really been right on with my imagination nor has covered all of the important detail that a book depicts... regardless, I'm happy I saw it...and I'll probably even buy it too when it comes out on DVD.

Twilight images
And as Jovie's first box office movie- I'll say she even liked it too (until she got starving, then had the poops...) Thanks to grandma for taking her out and getting her to sleep so I could enjoy the movie!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Jovie's first Thanksgiving...and to think- all she gets is milk!

I'm especially thankful for family- for my parents flying out from Colorado's freezing cold weather to enjoy Thanksgiving in 80 degree weather. It seems kinda backwards...but it was nice, none-the-less.

So we spent the day out in Maricopa with friends and family...the Hand's, the Carpenter's, my sis-in-law Cori's mom Marjorie, and my parents (also the Carpenter's). My mom and I started the day off right getting the turkey all prepped (oh, who am I kidding...she did most of it the night before since we knew we'd have a ton to do on Thanksgiving day!) I begged my mom to do a video showing the preparation to cook a traditional turkey since I have a terrible memory- now I can refer back to this any time I cook a turkey! (Part 3 wouldn't load!!!)

It was so cute to see cousins Isaiah and Jovie interacting (well Isaiah was just laughing because he kept trying to eat Jovie's shirt)

Indianna kept entertained while playing with my necklace!

Cori and Marjorie did so many dishes...thank you SO much ladies!

Christopher Hand (whom I babysat when he was a baby) is getting to be quite the photographer. He is such a good helper with Indianna and Isaiah. It is really convenient for my bro Eli to have his best friend Brian live so close in Maricopa to keep each other entertained.

We also got the privilege to hear mom give her presentation about her trip to Romania for her non-profit company F.L.O.C. (For Love of Children) and learn about what their orphanages and street children are like. Boy, that made me EXTREMELY grateful for my life here in America. I got the opportunity to make some knit hats for babies that my mom brought over with her to give some of the children. Hopefully one day I will get to see first hand the fruits of my moms labors over there and help with her cause. She is so charitable! What a beautiful example of Christ-like love and service my mom is to me!

Of course we also grubbed on the typical Thanksgiving feast- Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, green bean casserole, berry salad, apple/yam casserole- then of course later (much later) had pumpkin and apple pie.

I guess adults aren't the only ones that overeat and want to puke after Thanksgiving! Nice Jovie!

We had to go out walking to get some of that funky feeling off...we stopped at a park so my niece Indianna could go down the slide- of course she wanted me to join her, which I was more than happy to do! I'm still a kid at heart, you know!

Overall, it was a great day to spend with family and friends alike!

A beautiful beginning and end of day...

I love the rain...especially in Arizona. It makes me wish for all things green. I just get so sick of the brown. I love the smell...and even the feel of rain...not so much the humidity...but you get the point. I started out the day enjoying the rain...

and I got to end it seeing Coldplay in concert with all of Blake's family...what a show!

I love COLDPLAY. This is my 4th time seeing them in concert and I've loved each and every show! This was the Viva La Vida tour. Here are some pics and sound clips for your pleasure!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where a kid can be a kid...

So we hit up Chuck E. Cheese's tonight with our nephew Jaxson and the rest of the Kimball fam. There is nothing like semi-crappy (the only reason it wasn't REALLY crappy is because I was starving!!) pizza and a mediocre song by a gigantic plastic mouse. If you really think about it...that mouse sure is creepy. Look at him- he's trying to backhand Jovie!

And to think...she even offered him a ride in the car after that near hit!

I will never know why I begged my parents to take us to places like this when I was little. The tokens always ran out too fast, the pizza never really filled you up, and you probably picked up some infectious disease climbing around in the big plastic tubes. Jax and Chels were tearin' it up on the games. Besides, there is nothing like spending 5 tokens on ski ball...getting 3o tickets for all of that accuracy and raw talent...then coming to find out all you get is one lousy plastic dinosaur the size of your pinky finger. SHEESH. Blake and I both played Bucket Bonanza (much like the Grand Prize game- on the Bozo Show that aired back in the 80's in the Midwest) and totally won. I always knew I'd do well at that one- even when I was a kid I was convinced if I ever made it on to the Bozo Show I'd win that game. I have aspiring dreams...please, don't shoot me down. However, the really sad thing I came to find out was that I have completely lost all talent (I once had) for basketball. It was actually quite embarrassing. Good thing my husband and daughter love me for me. Look closely at the score...yes, scoreless for the first 30 seconds! Shameful. Just shameful.

Plus, how cute is Jovie in her jammies. That is what really counts at the end of the day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My lifeline for the last year and a half...

These are my school buddies!!! We've been taking classes for our Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education since January of 2007!

From L to R- First Row- Me (Mandy Kimball), Heather Sackett, Kimberly Wayman, Lucy Martinez. Second Row- Andrea Scola-Careaga, Traci Manry, Jezi Jordan, Shasta Lind, Christina Gonzalez, Susana Santiesteban. Third Row- Jenn Dawkins, Bryan Henderson, Anick , Donna Miles, Josh Schreiner, Kathy Koehler, LaMar Hinton, and Angela Holliday.

At University of Phoenix we work in groups in every class so here are my teammates- Jenn Dawkins, Andrea Scola-Careaga, Heather Sackett and Jezi Jordan ! They have kept me afloat!

There have been some great discussions, lessons, laughter and even tears and I just love this group of people I've gotten to share this experience with. I start my final class before student teaching on December 1st and student teaching begins January 12, 2009! Wow...finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Could this chick be any cuter???

I know we're related and all...but could Jovie get any cuter?? Sheesh. She is so pretty!AND...someday she will make a guy super happy because she even likes to watch football- GO CARDINALS! And she loves to give kisses...hopefully we'll keep that one under wraps for a LONG time!

Seriously...I am so phased by Jovie. She is just the sweetest kid anyone could ask for!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This a way...that a way...

Jovie getting crazy about Lil' Wayne. Maybe I'm just crazy. I love dancing with her- she gets a kick out of it too!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another birthday get together...

So it was great to also have my brother Eli, his wife Cori and kiddos over for dinner the other night! It was a belated birthday party with family- since I wanted to have undivided attention for them...especially Indianna and Isaiah...since we don't see them too often!

As always- every kid loves laying in the Moses basket we got from Blake's grandma for Jovie! Glad it kept Indianna entertained! She loves playing mommy and baby! A trash can is always good for replacing a hat, right?

Boy, is Indianna a mini "Shirley Temple" (blonde, instead of redhead) or what! She is just gonna be a knockout! SO FREAKIN CUTE!

Isaiah just chewin away on the fingers! Love that little nephew!

My bro Eli just watching the Suns bball game...Isaiah doing as daddy does!

It was great to have family out to hang! I always love a good hang session!