Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jovie gets blessed...

Better blessed late than never, right? It was actually planned so that my parents could be here for it...and since they were here for Thanksgiving, it kinda worked worked out the best! Blake did a fantastic job on the blessing! I am so grateful to have a husband worthy of the priesthood who can bless his daughter in ways the Lord sees fit.

She is just a little beauty!

We got her blessing dress in Cozumel, Mexico when we went on a cruise in May and I was pregnant with her. I figured I'd help out their economy since they do the same for ours...hmmm, wait...nevermind.

What an angel!!

I will probably say this until the day I die...and I know I'm partial, but Jovie is so freakin cute!

A good time for a photo opp of the Carpenters!
Papa and Indianna are all smiles.My favorite thing about this pic of Kayleen is that when the Dentons and the Kimballs shyed away from the camera, she stepped up to the plate and just owned that smile. Thanks for cooperating Kays.

Here is the whole family lineup that were able to make it to the blessing and luncheon
(bottom: Jaime, Parker & Jason Grant, Jaxson Whitehorn, Indianna Carpenter.)
(top: Shauna, Chelsea, Scott, Blake, Jovie, & Mandy Kimball, Robert & Kay Carpenter, Cori, Eli & Isaiah Carpenter.)

Jovie loves hangin' out with Papa. My dad is so good with her!We missed Aunt Katy & fam, Uncle Nate, Mimi and Sarah- they were there in spirit, of course.


diana rose said...

first of all... great family pic.

second... still love that blessing dress, jovie knows how to work it.

third... kay doesn't shy away from the camera, 'cause she totally looks gorgeous in front of it. i, on the other hand... refer back to the pita jungle pic.

kayleen said...

happy blessing day joves. (it's okay if i call her joves, right?)

and my chin seems to have faded into my neck in that pic. what the frick.