Monday, November 24, 2008

My lifeline for the last year and a half...

These are my school buddies!!! We've been taking classes for our Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education since January of 2007!

From L to R- First Row- Me (Mandy Kimball), Heather Sackett, Kimberly Wayman, Lucy Martinez. Second Row- Andrea Scola-Careaga, Traci Manry, Jezi Jordan, Shasta Lind, Christina Gonzalez, Susana Santiesteban. Third Row- Jenn Dawkins, Bryan Henderson, Anick , Donna Miles, Josh Schreiner, Kathy Koehler, LaMar Hinton, and Angela Holliday.

At University of Phoenix we work in groups in every class so here are my teammates- Jenn Dawkins, Andrea Scola-Careaga, Heather Sackett and Jezi Jordan ! They have kept me afloat!

There have been some great discussions, lessons, laughter and even tears and I just love this group of people I've gotten to share this experience with. I start my final class before student teaching on December 1st and student teaching begins January 12, 2009! Wow...finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

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