Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Jovie's first Thanksgiving...and to think- all she gets is milk!

I'm especially thankful for family- for my parents flying out from Colorado's freezing cold weather to enjoy Thanksgiving in 80 degree weather. It seems kinda backwards...but it was nice, none-the-less.

So we spent the day out in Maricopa with friends and family...the Hand's, the Carpenter's, my sis-in-law Cori's mom Marjorie, and my parents (also the Carpenter's). My mom and I started the day off right getting the turkey all prepped (oh, who am I kidding...she did most of it the night before since we knew we'd have a ton to do on Thanksgiving day!) I begged my mom to do a video showing the preparation to cook a traditional turkey since I have a terrible memory- now I can refer back to this any time I cook a turkey! (Part 3 wouldn't load!!!)

It was so cute to see cousins Isaiah and Jovie interacting (well Isaiah was just laughing because he kept trying to eat Jovie's shirt)

Indianna kept entertained while playing with my necklace!

Cori and Marjorie did so many dishes...thank you SO much ladies!

Christopher Hand (whom I babysat when he was a baby) is getting to be quite the photographer. He is such a good helper with Indianna and Isaiah. It is really convenient for my bro Eli to have his best friend Brian live so close in Maricopa to keep each other entertained.

We also got the privilege to hear mom give her presentation about her trip to Romania for her non-profit company F.L.O.C. (For Love of Children) and learn about what their orphanages and street children are like. Boy, that made me EXTREMELY grateful for my life here in America. I got the opportunity to make some knit hats for babies that my mom brought over with her to give some of the children. Hopefully one day I will get to see first hand the fruits of my moms labors over there and help with her cause. She is so charitable! What a beautiful example of Christ-like love and service my mom is to me!

Of course we also grubbed on the typical Thanksgiving feast- Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, green bean casserole, berry salad, apple/yam casserole- then of course later (much later) had pumpkin and apple pie.

I guess adults aren't the only ones that overeat and want to puke after Thanksgiving! Nice Jovie!

We had to go out walking to get some of that funky feeling off...we stopped at a park so my niece Indianna could go down the slide- of course she wanted me to join her, which I was more than happy to do! I'm still a kid at heart, you know!

Overall, it was a great day to spend with family and friends alike!

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