Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where a kid can be a kid...

So we hit up Chuck E. Cheese's tonight with our nephew Jaxson and the rest of the Kimball fam. There is nothing like semi-crappy (the only reason it wasn't REALLY crappy is because I was starving!!) pizza and a mediocre song by a gigantic plastic mouse. If you really think about it...that mouse sure is creepy. Look at him- he's trying to backhand Jovie!

And to think...she even offered him a ride in the car after that near hit!

I will never know why I begged my parents to take us to places like this when I was little. The tokens always ran out too fast, the pizza never really filled you up, and you probably picked up some infectious disease climbing around in the big plastic tubes. Jax and Chels were tearin' it up on the games. Besides, there is nothing like spending 5 tokens on ski ball...getting 3o tickets for all of that accuracy and raw talent...then coming to find out all you get is one lousy plastic dinosaur the size of your pinky finger. SHEESH. Blake and I both played Bucket Bonanza (much like the Grand Prize game- on the Bozo Show that aired back in the 80's in the Midwest) and totally won. I always knew I'd do well at that one- even when I was a kid I was convinced if I ever made it on to the Bozo Show I'd win that game. I have aspiring dreams...please, don't shoot me down. However, the really sad thing I came to find out was that I have completely lost all talent (I once had) for basketball. It was actually quite embarrassing. Good thing my husband and daughter love me for me. Look closely at the score...yes, scoreless for the first 30 seconds! Shameful. Just shameful.

Plus, how cute is Jovie in her jammies. That is what really counts at the end of the day!


diana rose said...

why is it that when you're a kid, the pizza there tastes great?

and why do the plastic tunnels always smell like mucas?

Renee said...

#1 reason I hate Chuck E. Cheese: It smells like feet. Who wants to eat in a place that smells like feet?

sarah said...

that pic of blake in front of bucket bonanza made me think he was wearing a sling.

kids discovering their tongues is the greatest. the amazement over ... a tongue ... is so funny.