Sunday, September 28, 2008

A special Sunday...

Today was a special was Jovie's first day at church!! So we started the day off right with a nice, sudsy bath given by daddy...
She loves bath time...
Mommy laid out all of the fixins for the sabbath...
Jovie in her Sunday best...already starting it off right with a nap!

I'd like to say her first day at church was all peaches n' creme...but well, then I'd be lying. She started off great (since she was asleep), but by the time the sacrament got started she started fussing- so I figured if I stood up and rocked her she would just fall asleep. Well, Jovie had other plans... I walked around and cuddled her but she just wailed!! I finally flagged down Melanie to have her tell Blake to bring the diaper bag so I could make her a bottle- in hopes that the problem was that she was starving! Man, was Melanie my saving grace. I finally got Jovie a bottle made and that just did the trick! My good luck didn't stop there though. After she ate I attempted to change a wet diaper- lo and behold, Jovie had other plans and peed while I was changing her and drenched her dress. Well, luckily I keep extra onesies in her diaper bag- so we were able to stay at church in style. What actually made me crack up was when Susan brought in her daughter (just 5 days younger than Jovie) to change her diaper and she peed all over her dress too...luckily I had another spare onesie in my bag- so both of our girls just had a hay day their first Sunday!! Hopefully I will be more prepared with the bottle and interpret her "cries" better so I don't have another one of those days. Luckily she fell asleep before Relief Society started so Mary obliged by holding her. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! Honestly though- she really is the sweetest...when she's not tired and gassy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When chocolate and toes collide...

I know what you're thinking...and no...this isn't a post about how Blake and I seduce each other (for all of you who just gagged...then irped in your mouth- say "I")... hahah...

Blake has totally been craving chocolate covered pretzels and I've looked everywhere (and by that I mean every isle at Walmart)... but to no avail...

So I decided to get all betty crocker and buy some almond bark and plain pretzels and do it myself...

About halfway through the bag I got careless and spilled some scorching chocolate on my toes... and voila...this is what you get.... FREAKING OUCH!! Check those blisters on my two toes!

But you also get these yummy delights... so it's not all bad!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Three weeks ago...

I had this beautiful little girl Jovie!! I can't believe she is already 3 weeks old!

So now I know what it means to be in a fog...not knowing the days from the nights...the date...whether I brushed my teeth today...if I actually put on makeup...when the last time I peed...when the last time I ate...when the last time I walked outside to feel the appears that all of my thoughts have been consumed by Jovie...I've even taught her how to do important things with her hands- like flash "WESTSIIIEEEDE" gang signs. It may look like EASTSIDE- but she was on her way up to the WESTSIDE when I caught it on camera. She's going to be so hardcore. Don't let the pink fool you. She's gonna be tough. HAHA.

I've been trying so hard to keep up with the rigors of new motherhood...and still do other things that are so necessary- like watch Project Runway, balance the checkbook, do the laundry, keep up with my church calling, clean the house, keep in touch with friends, and work on homework for school.
From the day all of my family went home, it has been really quiet around the house...Jovie slept incredibly well while everyone was here...and it seems that she has her own internal feeding clock- so she gets up to eat every 3 and night. She does this really cute thing with her hands every time she eats- almost like she's holding her hands to bless her food... see...cute, huh? Or maybe that's just her plea to keep the bottle in her mouth the entire feeding instead of take it out halfway through to burp her.

The night feedings have been somewhat challenging for me...I try to get up and be quiet enough and quick enough at getting Jovie's bottle ready and diaper changed before she gets all worked up and wakes Blake up. I know he has been exhausted and I'm just trying to do my part, especially while I am on maternity leave. Blake does love having daddy time with her- but I know how important sleep is, so I let him get as much of it as possible. I will be so grateful for the night she sleeps more than 5 hours consecutively. Having 2 hours of sleep here and 1 hour of sleep there is still sleep- it's just not my preference. Go figure!

I have been so grateful for the phone calls and visits from friends and family. I generally have a hard time asking for help when I need it- and this is no exception...but it has been nice having friends bring over dinner for us and hang out. I've needed the hang time. Shout outs to all ya' know who you are.

I know many women feel all cramped up in the house...but me- I couldn't be happier. There is NO WAY I could ever be bored as a mother- I always have a to do list...which is never ending. It's nice to get things crossed off my list- and still nice to see I have a purpose for getting out of bed. I can also say that luckily I haven't had the postpardum blues (yet, anyway). I was a bit emotional the first week I got home from the hospital - with all of the family here, plus every time I would just sit and ponder my blessings of a healthy, beautiful baby I couldn't help but to get all teary. Oh, and the church songs get me all weapy too- when I look into Jovie's eyes and sing to her I just KNOW she hears me and that there is just a sweet divinity to her. I know she was the little spirit waiting to bless our family. Well, comes the water works...sheesh. Honestly- just look at those baby blues!!

That reminds me of something Blake said that was pretty funny while I was pregnant..."I love you so much more when you're're so much nicer and less emotional". Haha. All I know is that yes, I was less emotional (strangely), but I was also much crustier- well, I should say "more honest". I like the honesty- it keeps things funny. Maybe if Blake got his wish I could just be pregnant all the time!! Haha-yeah right. My body needs a little break. Besides, I want to enjoy every moment I have with Jovie while she is still little. She is just the sweetest. How can you not love a baby when they're all cuddly in the softest blanket? She's even smiling to the camera! Ok maybe it is just gas.

Also- a big thank you to Blake's Mimi for getting Jovie the moses basket. She loves to get all cozy in it and is really the only place she will fall asleep (besides mama's arms)

After that last crazy dust storm that passed through the valley and one of Jovie's first days out of the house visiting my brother Eli and his family down in Maricopa, AZ - Jovie got her first cold- poor thing has the stuffiest nose and sounds like an English Bulldog. I told Blake that was the closest I'd be to ever having a Bulldog. It was really sad to hear her all stuffy, but it was kinda funny too. She's been snorting too (just like Mom)...which just puts a smile on my face.
Really- how can I not be overjoyed seeing this beautiful face every day?!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

While my family was here...

They helped out SO much!! I'm so proud to say that my family is so giving and has such an amazing work ethic and love of service! I had a wonderful time with my family while they were here for the birth of Jovie as well as the blessing in church for my brother Eli's son Isaiah.
While I was at the hospital my sister Katy and my mom scrubbed every floor, toilet and shower in the house- an amazing feat and SO appreciated!! Mom and Katy scrubbed out our grill and Dad got some of the lava rocks to put inside!! Looks like new! Dad helped us replace the broken glass in one of our kitchen cabinets- one less thing for me to do! Katy helped call around to get quotes on getting a double sink cabinet put in one of our bathrooms- always going the extra mile! Mom and Katy helped out making sure there was always food for everyone and always had the fridge stocked- quite the undertaking with 10 people in the house!

While I was in labor my mom was great to keep my dad informed of the happenings on the phone the whole hour and a half I pushed! He got to hear the whole birth from start to finish!

Thanks to Katy for holding my hand through the contractions and playing cards with me once the epidural kicked in!!
A big thanks to my cheer squad (Blake, Sis-In-Law Chelsea, Mom-In-Law Shauna, sister Katy, Mom, and Dad-In-Law Scott) through the labor and delivery!! Push, push, push!!
Sis-in-law Jaime came down with her boys to see the new arrival. They are always an entertaining crew! Love the Grant fam!
Thanks to my bro-in-law Dan for helping us document our hospital breakout! My brother Eli wanted to be the first to hold and kiss Jovie right when she got home from the hospital!
My dad painted the stripe in my laundry room (that I've been meaning to do for about a year) and hung up the letters for me! THANKS DAD!! Such a handyman! A TRUE Carpenter (get it?) For those who don't know...Carpenter is my maiden name!

Callia was always keeping us entertained- especially with the pirate teeth!
My brother Nate was quick to hold Jovie when she was asleep! And his lovely girlfriend Amy helped make some amazing food!! Callia was always quick to help plug Jovie up with her bink-a-bink.
A big thank you to Blake's parents for watching Jovie so that we could go out to BJ's Pizza with my whole family!

I never tired from hearing Camille say "Jobee is so chute...I love her little fingers and toes and her chute little nose". If I would have started a counter for that- it would have at least topped 300 times within the week they stayed with us! So funny!

Callia loved snuggling with me and baby Jovie...she was so gentle with her!

Dad is so good with the kids- so gentle! Jovie is gonna love her Papa!

Callia never ceased to amaze us with her uncanny ability to navigate through our iphones! Quite the wiz kid!

Overall- I just LOVED having my family here! I miss them all dearly and love every minute (even the crazy ones) I get to spend with them! Thanks again to everyone for making Jovie's birth so special!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Introducing...(drum roll please...) Jovie Shay Kimball know why I've been absent for the last week and then some...this past week my husband Blake and I had our first baby- we had a girl- Jovie Shay Kimball (pronounced JOE-VEE) ...and if you're wondering if I'm a huge Bon Jovi, I am not THAT butt rock. We liked the name of the girl in the movie "Elf"- that is where we got it from. Plus it is a shortened version of Jovial (meaning happy- which suited our situation). Her middle name is a tribute to our mothers by combining their names- Shauna and Kay= Shay! Just FYI.
Jovie was born 8/28/08 (last Thursday) at 9:57 pm, weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz and 21 inches long. Her birth story to follow...

There have been some pretty awesome times in my lifetime...especially ones while livin in Provo (For memories sake)- I didn't think my summer of 2001 could be topped (being unemployed- going camping at Squaw Peak- making crepes for "the boys", going to the Lama Festival at the Hari Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, sleepovers at Kent's house, Musikfest being changed from Sunday to Thursday in observance of the Sabbath, rendezvous with Sarah to every Taco Bell in the valley to see which ones still carry Cheesy Gordita Crunches and Mountain Dew Code Red, getting practically drowned by Micah "The Alpha Male" while playing "ball" at the pool, driving Larry and 63s scooters around the roundabout on Center Street while not letting cars enter, prank calls at Ab-dogg Crom-dogg by Larry listening to Cher's "Do You Believe in Life After Love", going to Park City and riding the alpine slide, endless nights playing Phase 10, weekends at JT's warehouse playing murder in the dark, Provo dance parties, road trips to Vegas with Sarah on a whim and SO...MUCH...MORE...)

Then when I met my husband while on a road trip to Arizona (to where I'd never been before and sworn I'd never go back since I hate the heat!) and then got married to 7 months later....I thought that was pretty amazing too...

And then trying to have kids for 3 years with no avail and miraculously getting pregnant before starting fertility treatments....that just about topped the amazing list for me...

But now that Jovie is here with us she has truly been the rainbow after the storm for us. She was actually born when it was storming outside- and the day we left the hospital was saw a beautiful rainbow! She is a beautiful little spirit brought to us and we just love her to pieces. I never thought I could love someone SO much...I'm sure you parents (or aunts and uncles- if you don't have kids of your own) can understand what I mean. It's a different kind of love you have for your truly is just amazing! She is the most calm baby ever- she very rarely cries and is just the sweetest. From the tiny fingers, toes, smiles, stretches, yawns, sneezes, burps, twitches, cries, wimpers, stares, grunts, and holding of fingers- she is THE MOST AMAZING THING I'VE EVER EXPERIENCED!

So with all that being said, here is a lovely song, by a lovely band- a tribute to my "beautiful rainbow" Jovie (our little Jo Jo). (login=musikfest, password=yonkers)

The Elected
Beautiful Rainbow

PS-For extra listening pleasure- in case you don't already have this... which you should...

The Flaming Lips
Do You Realize?

With love,

Blake, Mandy, and Jovie Kimball