Sunday, April 25, 2010

Local Natives...

What's hot? These guys...Local Natives- a band from LA... and they are knocking my socks off. You know when you can't listen to anything else, but even when you're listening to nothing the songs are still playing in your head? Yeah, I guess they are stuck in my head for good. Love this video that was done in France. They are bigger overseas than in the US..for now.

Blake and I drove down to Tucson on Tuesday and saw them at this cute little venue- Solar Culture and were just blown away. I may have a little crush. Just a little.

Here's a video I did of the first track "Wide Eyes" on their album Gorilla Manor from the show in Tucson. They put out a great energy and exude the sweetest sense of harmony.

You know when you love a band SO much (Awake & Alert, for instance) and you ONLY want the best for them... success and fulfillment, and you know how awesome it would be for them to get big. But at the same time you hope they never get big- because it changes people.
Well, this is how I feel about them. They seem like really good people.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Georgia, here we come!!!

We had the best vacation any family could ask for!! We've come home exhausted, but loved every minute of our time out in Georgia and Florida! This was our "anniversary" and "Blake's Birthday" trip, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Blake's Grandparents had a timeshare that was soon to expire so we quickly made plans and utilized a weeks stay in Orlando, as well as a few days in Savannah, Georgia (where Blake served part of his mission for the church). First, we went to Savannah and saw all of the touristy things and did lots of walking- and soon realized how tricky it could be traveling with a one and a half year old! Jovie is a great napper, so we did the best we could in getting her in some place to nap! She also loved free reign in running this way and that- and loved all of the "squares" (that were little grassy parks dividing many of the downtown streets) to run in! 

Pushing a stroller on River St cobblestone was quite a challenge!

Loved all the mossy trees and shade!

We ate lunch at this amazing deli called "Larry's Giant Subs" and had the BEST sandwiches! I thought the decor was hilarious! 

We also spent an afternoon at Tybee Island enjoying the beach and water. It was pretty chilly and windy, but Jovie loved digging around in the sand, running into the ocean and chasing the seagulls!!

We also got to meet up with my cousin Helen, who is a student at SCAD (the famous art school). She is majoring in photography- what a beautiful place to take pictures...that is for sure! 
It was so great to catch up with her.

We also got to catch up with one of my long time good friend's, Kent Ringger, who was down in Savannah randomly that weekend for a medical conference. He is currently living in Atlanta, GA with his wife Krista and 3 kids (Corbin, Indi, and Hans) and is going to Emery College to be an Anaesthesiologist Assistant. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of us!

Forsythe Park is another one of our favorite spots in Savannah. It's the most beautiful, spacious park. You can't help but to feel the history and beauty of the city there. 

Mama & Jovie on the same bench she sat on when pregnant with her.

We got to spend an evening with the DiNatalie family (who loved Blake when he was a missionary!) and had dinner and talked. They are just hilarious people. Such a great family.

Overall we had the most fabulous few days in Savannah and look forward to being able to return again there in the near future!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter festivities...

This year Easter Sunday was very unique in that it was also General Conference. It was special to be watching conference and getting to reflect on the resurrection of the Savior at the same time...also, getting to eat Cadbury Cream Eggs, cotton candy and Peeps weren't too bad either!

Jovie eating her first Cadbury Cream Egg- she LOVED it!

Jovie loved the bubbles she got in her Easter basket!

Jovie doing her first Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Kimball's house!

Parker and Jovie love giving each other hugs!! So cute!

Strike a pose, Davis!! My nephew is one photogenic kid!

Sam enjoyed playing with her 2nd cousins!! (This is Blake's cousin Carly's daughter)

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way!

Jovie and Parker are inseparable! Playing Grandpa's guitar!

What a goofy face Joves!

Here bunny bunny bunny!!!!

Had to take advantage of a photo opp!!

The Kimball bunnies!

Guess who?? (Jax, of course- the glasses give it away ;)

Jovie with Grandma....she LOOOOOOOVES Grandma!!

Hope ya'll had a great Easter and were able to enjoy listening to General Conference as well. Thank goodness for DVR and the May issue of the Ensign. Watching it is hard with a little one !!