Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's swim time...

A smile tells it all, doesn't it??! Jovie has just LOVED being in swimming lessons this summer. We took the mommy/baby swimming lessons at Brimhall pool for two sessions this summer and it was just so much fun! This was Jovie's face every time we went to the pool!
It's a momma and a baby!!!

My friend Susan and her daughter Maren took lessons with us and it was so fun having friends there with us! Another friend Laurie and her son Tyler took lessons with us the first session- and let me tell you, the water was so cold then, we almost thought our kiddos were gonna hate swimming!

But, you can just tell these little water babies just LOVE splish-splashing and being together! How funny is Jovie's lower lip--- such a silly face!

Jovie could hardly contain her excitement- she had to eat BOTH of her hands!

And always after swimming lessons was shower time and Jovie loves that too- I just love how cute she looks in this towel! My little shower flower baby!

The pool has kept me sane here in the 100+ degree heat. I don't know how anyone living in Arizona can stand NOT swimming. It is essential for the complete cool down, plus Jovie naps SO WELL after she swims! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pool.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Does it get any better than this??

I love her... her giggle, her sigh, her smile, her squinty right eye. I just love her to pieces.