Monday, November 17, 2008

Another birthday get together...

So it was great to also have my brother Eli, his wife Cori and kiddos over for dinner the other night! It was a belated birthday party with family- since I wanted to have undivided attention for them...especially Indianna and Isaiah...since we don't see them too often!

As always- every kid loves laying in the Moses basket we got from Blake's grandma for Jovie! Glad it kept Indianna entertained! She loves playing mommy and baby! A trash can is always good for replacing a hat, right?

Boy, is Indianna a mini "Shirley Temple" (blonde, instead of redhead) or what! She is just gonna be a knockout! SO FREAKIN CUTE!

Isaiah just chewin away on the fingers! Love that little nephew!

My bro Eli just watching the Suns bball game...Isaiah doing as daddy does!

It was great to have family out to hang! I always love a good hang session!

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diana rose said...

check you being miss busy bee blogger.

indianna is so shirley temple-esque. she has the cutest little curls!