Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Egg Retrieval Day!!

Today is a very big day. It's been weighing on my mind for a long time. I never pictured myself having trouble getting pregnant, struggling to keep those precious babies carried inside of me. At this point I've got a healthy, happy 4 year old and 4 miscarriages that followed. I never really pictured doing in-vitro as an option to get pregnant. I figured I'd adopt since going through the process with my sister giving a baby for adoption when she was 20 years old. That is more familiar and natural. I've thought that it was slightly strange using science to "play God" and make babies. But at this point I know it is the path that feels right. Heavenly Father blesses us with children in so many ways, and this process has been one I've learned SO much about myself, and the actual strength I have to endure through anything. I've always considered myself to be weak when it comes to things of the body. I don't handle them well...blood, barf, needles, pain. Need I go on? Well, I've never barfed in my life...ever. So that is just unfamiliar and scary.

Today, it didn't surprise me that the worst part was the IV. My hands have horrible veins. IV's don't stick. So, in the process of the nurse trying to get that needle in there my hands get clammy, forehead starts to sweat, stomach gets queasy, ears start to muffle and face starts turning Santa beard white. This is familiar. And the nurse (and Blake) notices immediately. She stops the IV- tilts me back in the chair and hurries for a wet washcloth to put on my forehead. Ahhhhhh. There is no embarrassment in that. AT. ALL. Geez. (It's weird that there have been SO many instances that I remember this happening, but I don't remember this happening the day I had Jovie- and they even poked me 3 times on my right hand and finally switched to my left and it worked!)

So, egg retrieval went well. I stayed home all day- had Blake home to take care of me and life goes on. Now, we wait and see what those sweet little eggs do!

Me post-op and feeling well (that was the best anesthesia I've ever had- you wake up almost immediately and NOT groggy at all!! Bam, baby. 


Erin said...

Love you girl! You are amazing and such a good mom! Praying things go well for your family!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness!! I am so so excited and nervous for you. Amen to your words. Never thought I wouldn't be able to have babies, but we can't have everything we want. Right!? lol. This is the part I got to where they said, sorry, your eggs SUCK! So it's awesome to hear you have eggs and got them out. I hope they turn into little babies, or a baby!!!! I will be praying for you and that you can accept God's will with peace, whatever the outcome. Love ya girly!!