Sunday, October 14, 2007

A delightful day...

So Saturday was incredibly relaxing- yet I got SO much done! I slept a whole 8 hours Friday night and that was just delightful...the first of many delights! (Friday night too was delightful playing Catan with Sar- thanks for the much needed fun!!).

Then Blake and I rode our bikes around the neighborhood and around where we live- the weather was just perfect- the breeze and the beginning of fall coming around with a slight chill in the air- but with the warm sun on my back was just delightful. I can't even count how many times I said "WEEEEE" as we rode bikes...I am so easily entertained.

Then when we got home from bike riding I did my daily garden tending and decided it was as good of a day as any to put up a trellis and get my peas started for the fall! I can't wait to see them grow! My garden is progressing just beautifully! Every vegetable that I planted (except for salad lettuce) has started growing. It is another DEEEELIGHTFUL thing.

We also took some time to enjoy sitting out on our front porch! SO delightful. And watching the bees pollinate the bushes nearby. It didn't take long for me to say "BEE" that Blake fled indoors. My dad had bee hives on our property when I was a kid so I am just facinated by them... however, the sound of bees gets my skin crawling!

As the day progressed we decided to sell our old cell phones on Craigslist and literally within an hour they were sold! How amazing that site is. I really can't justify spending time on that site- you can waste so much time there unless you go in knowing EXACTLY what you want.

Anypoo- we decided to have date night with the money we made from our cell phones so we drove over to US Airways arena and checked a pre season Suns vs Hornets basketball game. We follow the Suns pretty heavily so we were excited to see them back in action. They didn't play their starters much but the game was still exciting! Sean Marks is one of my favorite "benchers". He did an incredible job last night. A few weeks ago Blake and I were shopping at Ikea and saw Sean there and I couldn't figure out for the life of me who he was. I said to Blake "How do I know that guy? He looks so familiar!" Yeah- so if I were to have been standing right next to him I would've figured out right away he was on the Suns since he's like- 7 ft tall!! I do that all the time- recognize people but don't figure out who they are until hours later. Luckily Blake figured it out right away and was pretty phased by it.... he got kinda star struck. He was so close to bro-ing it up with him! HAHA.

Steve Nash is my HARDEST player! Simply amazing!


So today has also been incredibly delightful. Spending the morning at church and this afternoon doing "relaxing" things has been great. A beautiful "SUN"day with perfect weather & being able to read a book out on the porch = DELIGHTFUL.


diana rose said...

no wonder everyone always beats me at catan... you all have secret practice games which enhance your catan skillz.

i want a bike so i too, can cry out "wee" as the wind blows through my hair.

a delightful weekend indeed!

LetterToKayleen said...

hey you really want that raglan dress???? cuz i'm gonna try and post some stuff in my shop later this week. let me know and i wont put that up.