Friday, October 26, 2007

Whirlwind week!

Yeah- it's been crazy busy- as always! Tuesday we found out Blake's sister Jaime was coming out to AZ from San Diego because they got manditorily evacuated because of the fires. Their apt luckily wasn't damaged- they just needed to get out of the smoke and ashes for a few days since Jax has athsema and Parker is a newborn. It was so sweet to finally get to hold and coddle Parker- he is TOO cute! And he just loved when Uncle Blake gave him loves! And Jax loved being the master puppeteer with Chels

Wednesday I went outside to see a lovely peas had grown nearly 2 inches in 2, if that doesn't make an amateour gardener proud, I don't know what could!

So, Wednesday night Awake & Alert played at the Brickhouse in Phoenix, and I'm not gonna lie- the sound was amazing and Maya's vocals were spot on- it was pretty phasing. Of course Blake and Spencer and super critical and played at a really cool venue in LA last weekend so they thought it didn't even compare. I met up with Jaime and Chelsea to watch the show and that was a lot of fun- especially since we hardly see Jaime since she lives in San Diego!
Thursday Chels and I practiced a church hymn- "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing" that is done in a beautiful arrangement that we'll be singing on Sunday in her singles ward for church. Haven't done a duet in a while but it will be a lot of fun! Pretty song!

Tonight we just got back from a lovely Halloween party hosted by Cami and Molly- and what FANTASTIC parties they throw! Thanks for letting us be a part of it! Here is just a little taste of what we saw...

Yes. I am a "deviled" egg. Clever, I know- can't take the credit though- however I did actually make the egg, so that is fun. It was a lot of fun seeing old friends and new- it was great getting together! I wish I had more time to do these sorts of things!


Mimi said...

I was so glad you guys could make it! atleast we know we'll see eachother once a year at this party! Good times!

diana rose said...

first of all... i love that hymn. one of my favorites for sure.

second of all... what a clever deviled egg you are! looks like a yummy party.

diana rose said...

oh and thank goodness jamie's place was safe. what a fun surprise it must've been to have them in town.

Cicily said...

You weren't lying, your peas look fabulous. Congrats!

sarbear said...

that is the cutest costume! you are so witty. and funny.

last night i had a million dreams about you. the first was the funniest though. you and blake came over and he was sporting a robert-smith-from-the-cure hairdo. i said "blake, did you TEASE your hair??" and he said in his understated way, "yeah. i was trying something new."

i'm courtney said...

Mandy--I'm so glad we've found each other in the blogosphere! I can't believe you were a deviled egg--my friend Amy had like EXACTLY the same costume. I thought it was so original, but I guess nearly two states away it still counts as unique. And it's super cute, so who cares.
Count me as your happy new blog-stalker.