Friday, September 28, 2007

Time flies...

So, it's been over 10 days and I haven't posted...I can't even fit in 5 minutes to say anything I want to say...I'll do that later...but I just wanted to post about 3 things that annoy me that I actually thought were really funny...probably more funny to me than to you...

1. Trying to break off toilet paper or paper towels at a specified spot, but ripping off too little, trying again and having it happen at least two more times. Annoying. Yet funny.

2. Dropping something (while holding a full armload of anything) and bending over to pick it up then dropping it again, and again. Do you see a theme here??

3. Driving on a freeway and all 6 lanes are filled with cars driving the exact same speed so you can't pass anyone. Wow, morons. And there aren't even cops around. Double lame.

I'm sure you all could add to this list.

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LetterToKayleen said...

omg. that 2nd one is the weakest. especially when you're trying to bend over while holding owen because he refuses to walk barefoot on the hot pavement. come on! how can you live in az and not have a few blister scars on the bottom of your feet. get serious, owen.