Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween time!!

Time to carve favorite!!

Jovie loved putting her Princess Mrs. Potato Head pumpkin together with Daddy!

 Jovie was a big helper scooping out the seeds...but not a bit fan of getting "goop" all over her fingers!

I'm obsessed with owls and thought I'd challenge myself this year to a cool looking pumpkin!

 Guess which one Blake carved?? OF COURSE THE APPLE ONE! :)

Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we didn't take Jovie trick or treating, but instead stayed home and passed out candy- Jovie loved seeing the kids in costume and putting candy into their buckets! We did take Jovie to Kids Club the Thursday before Halloween and they did a big parade of costumes. Remind me  NEVER to buy a costume where when they sit down, the animal's head is right in their face. Sheesh, you'd have thought that would've crossed my mind before buying it. 

Jovie as a flying horse...

Mandy as "Seeds of the Tree" and Blake as "Jake Sully" from movie Avatar

 Blake crackin' everyone up pulling wheelies...
this looked legit in the dark. 
 Overall it was a nice and (semi) relaxing Halloween!! 

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