Monday, December 9, 2013

Time after time...

Today I got the dreaded error message on my phone that says "your device is full...please delete some items, etc." I am the worst at keeping my phone (and my life, let's be honest) free of clutter. I've read books on when, why, and how we should declutter- but I just can't keep it up. It's like I feed into the clutter. I do really good for a while, then all in one day it's like the house exploded with STUFF. Is it my personality? Am I not motivated enough? Maybe it IS my personality. I go BIG- or I do nothing. What a mess.

In other news...I have a baby. A sweet little one month old- tomorrow. This month has flown by, but also been the longest month EVER. Remind me to never have a baby right before Christmas again, ok? I am living in the fog...the "I think I feel pretty good today...not THAT tired" kind of existence. Until I start really adding up how much ACTUAL sleep I've had, and then I think- how am I actually ALIVE right now? Weird. But, I love my little Reese- she is sweet. And I am grateful for Blake for getting up with her to feed her a bottle at night, change her always rank (sorry honey) diapers, and just holding her the second he gets home.

And let's not forget the 5 year old...oh, yeah, what's her name? Jovie? Yeah- she has just loved on her sweet "Little Sissy" since the second she saw her. Don't worry, that nasty cough she had before Reese was born- well yeah, now Reese has a stuffy nose... 'tis the season. Ugh. But really- if I weren't sleep deprived I would actually not mind all the messes she is making around the little tornado is wreaking havoc on the house and all I can do is trail in her wake. I AM CRAZY!

Well... the baby is crying...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I'm out.

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

I am at the opposite end of the clutter spectrum...I make my kids cry because I tidy stuff up too much. Blah!
And I can't believe that Reese is 1 year old and I STILL haven't held her!!!!!!! You need to call me sometime during the day when you need a break and I will sit and rock that little bun forever. I will even clean "rank" diapers. :)
You are doing awesome mama!