Friday, August 28, 2009

Jovie's 1st Birthday!!

Wow...time seriously flies...and I can't believe she's already 1!! Jovie is just the love of my life...and I know why it took us so long to have her... she is such an easy going child- so mild mannored and just the sweetest!
Just to trip out, here is Jovie 1 year ago...
and her one year later...

Well, for her 1st birthday we decided to have a bbq and swim time with a few friends and family. What else can you possibly do besides swim when it's still 105 degrees outside?!! Well, our in-laws graciously allowed us to have her party at their crib (and how thankful we are to you guys!). Honestly, I don't know why I stress myself out about parties and all, since very little of it is within my control.

I know it's kinda lame doing a themed birthday for a 1 year old but I just couldn't NOT do something and all my brain cells are dead- so I just opted for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since Jovie enjoys watching that show (2nd to Baby Einstein) and it's kinda unisex so the boys won't feel like it's one big "chick" fest! I'm sure that will come in another few years!!

As suspected, Jovie didn't just dig right in to her cake...I had a feeling this would happen (in May we went to the beach and she didn't like the sand getting stuck to her hands) so Blake and I helped to smash her hands into her cake and put her fingers in her mouth. She liked the cake and frosting once she got a taste of it, but she just wanted us to feed it to her! She is so funny like that!

Of course she was ready to hit the hay by 7:30 pm and we hadn't even opened gifts yet, so needless to say that happened EXTREMELY fast!! Thanks again for all of the lovely gifts!

Thanks to everyone who came and (hopefully) enjoyed themselves!! Jovie won't remember this birthday (unless she has crazy supernatural powers...hmm...doubtful) but Blake and I sure will and are just so happy you all shared this special day with us!

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diana said...

they grow up way too fast, right?

thanks for letting us celebrate her special day, we had fun!

p.s. honestly, i can't believe how alike jovie and ava are, her demeanor and personality are so much like ava's when she was her age.