Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm alive...despite what might (or might not) appear on my blog.

And by that I mean...I'm alive- and haven't documented this pregnancy well at all!! I think I've just been trying to keep up with Jovie (who's turned 5 years old this past month), and survive the hottest summer on record in AZ since 1997. Those two things alone have been enough to kill me off.

But let's be honest, that is not the only fun I have...

  •  I get heart burn EVERY day (no matter what I eat or when I eat it)- so I combat that with a Zantac at least once every day! Thank goodness I had couponed those about a year ago and only paid $1 a box instead of a normal $8-$10/box!! 
  • Then recently this sweet little baby girl has been kicking me as if she is trying out for a marshall arts movie!! She does a 1-2 punch on my ribs and then drop kicks me in the nether regions (at which time it's almost inevitable to wet myself if I haven't gone to the bathroom in the past 30 minutes). Geez.
  • Plus- she's a night I have a feeling I will be up a lot during the night with this one. Jovie was so calm and easy- I guess this is pretty typical for the 2nd child to be totally unlike kid #1!
  •  I also get the crazy pain in my sciatic nerve down my back- so I walk all crazy if I've been sitting for more than 30 minutes, or get up to pee in the night (which happens EVERY night)
  • And for the past month I've been getting Braxton Hicks contractions in my belly- which is totally unfamiliar since I never had them with Jovie- and then labored in my back and not my stomach. 
  • Oh, and don't forget the swollen feet. Elevate...elevate...elevate. Drink water (but really want Diet Dr. Pepper instead)...and more water. ugh. 
  • And I love waking up in the middle of the night, panicked that we don't (even slightly) have a name picked out for this baby. 
The joys of pregnancy. Through it all, I know I've been prepped to have this baby. I know that what I go through is common, or even typical. But it still feels special to me. I couldn't have asked for a bigger miracle. And I'm grateful beyond measure for the blessing of carrying this healthy baby and adding this angel to my family. I'm keenly aware of the struggle that others (especially those near and dear to me) go through to have children and I am very aware of how I act during pregnancy. I just want them to know that when they hurt, I hurt. Even if they don't know I know. I've cried those same tears of frustration, anger and despair. But I also know that the Lord's plan for us is on His timetable- and not ours. I can vouch for being impatient. I always thought I'd have 4 kids- two years apart and be totally sane in the process. But this trial has taught me much more about faith...and the need to rely on those who love and care about you. 

Well, 7 more weeks in pregnancy left...and I realized I have VERY few pictures of this belly. My sweet neighbor Shannon Beckstead snapped a pic of me upon leaving a baptism the other day and said I needed it for my posterity. At the time, I was just trying to be nice and allow her to take it- but I'm glad I did. Jovie did a pretty good job at covering me up- but you get the idea. Baby bump.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Look how cute you look!
Love your post. Like most things in life, being preggers comes with the good and the bad. You are such a good mama! This little peanut is so lucky to come into your family. Hugs!

Muche said...

I am so jealous, I wish I could have all those symptoms too..oh wait,ha, I totally do!!! Life is very unpredictable and never goes as plan for sure, but we'll take those little ones whenever we can...and do it again if we need to :) Hang in there, and don't be too jealous when I am done wayyyyyy before you!!!