Sunday, October 13, 2013

Today was a good day...

So today at church we had a really unique opportunity to have a guest come speak in Young Women's...a church celeb for a lack of better words. 

Sister Elaine S. Dalton (Young Women's General President 2008-Apr 2013) came to our ward since their son/daughter-in-law's son was being baptized over the weekend (who are in our ward). She asked if she could speak to the youth so took 2nd hour teaching the YM and 3rd hour teaching the YW. It was so special! She spoke on the importance of modesty and virtue. She also did a Q&A at the end and spoke about the process of writing a talk for General Conference- and how difficult it was- how much prayer, fasting, and seeking the guidance of the Holy Ghost it took. She said the hardest talk she wrote was "Love Her Mother" (Oct. 2011- General Conference) that was written for the brothers of the church. She said that no female general authority had spoken to the brotheren before so she was really intimidated by doing so- but this is one talk that I will ALWAYS remember hearing and really feeling the spirit. It was awesome! Overall, this day at church was really amazing! We had the YW take a pic with her and they were just ecstatic. She gave each of the girls a hug and thanked them for being there and being modest. So sweet. 

She also took pics with the leaders and signed some of the girls Personal Progress books. A day to remember- that is for sure! 

After I organized the girls getting their picture taken with her and as we were waiting to get the leaders pictures she said to me- "it's obvious to me why you got called to this calling (as YW Secretary)." (I'm guessing that she meant just organizing and getting everyone together). But then she asked when my baby was due (4 weeks) and she said these YW will be such a blessing to you and your family- she couldn't be more right about that! I'm so sad that our YW President (Rae Orth) was out of town this weekend! 
L to R- Aimee Cardon, Andrea Christensen, Mandy Kimball (me), Jamie Prahl, Elaine Dalton, Kristi Whetten, Shari Lyon and Lisa Cooley. Missing Rae Orth! 

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

How special for you all! Brig told me she was visiting our ward when I showed up at church and I almost had a heart attack because I was teaching in RS! That has been my biggest fear since the Daltons moved in! :) Then Brig told me she was going to be speaking to the youth and my heart beat normalized. I kept my eyes peeled for her in the hallways but never had a sighting. She sounds amazing! But that's no surprise. And as a side note---you ladies look pretty darn cute! That's a good looking bunch of women. :)