Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This chick and her obsessions...

Normally I'm not one to post belly pics... especially when pregnant. But today was a bit of an exception. Lately Jovie has been obsessed with my belly button. She's been noticing that my innie has been disappearing for the past few weeks. She also likes to put her face on my belly and talk to her baby sister in-utero. It's really sweet. So today as I was resting my swollen feet and we were cuddling on the couch she lifted up my shirt and was resting her face on my belly. She said she was listening to the baby burping! Haha. (Or just my stomach digesting) The things kids say at this age are so funny. I'm loving how sweet and fun she is being lately. I'm sure having this baby sister will rock Jovie's world, but maybe be a bit easier since she is so obsessed with being a "big sister". She is so sweet with other kids and really phased by babies so I'm sure she is just gonna love her sister to death! I'm so lucky to have Jovie! She is just spunky, silly and sweet and I just love and adore her to pieces!!

P.S.- 3 weeks and counting until she comes!! 11/12/13 (I hope we can get induced on her due date!)

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Sweet, sweet Jovie. I bet your next one is a doll too...since she'll have Jovie showing her how it's done. :)