Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Drive drive drivin along...

So, I hate to be a whiner, but today I just have to vent.

What is worse than a 90 year old driver? I'll tell you what....a 90 year old on a cell phone. Honestly. I was driving home from work today and got cut off multiple times and almost ran into by this geriatric. I love the grammies and gramps' but I almost honked...and I heard once you should never honk at old people because you don't want them to get scared and have a heart attack- but seriously...I'm the one who's having a heart attack here!! I seriously think people over 65 yrs old should have to retake the driving test every year....for the sake of those that could be affected. It should be in the best interest of anyone with a brain.
Then there are the drivers that drive so close to your bumper they could be sitting in your front annoying. and lame.

THEN there are the know them...The rednecks in Ford trucks. The ones who love to hear their diesel and exhaust pipe who have to weave in and out of cars to then sit in the left lane on the freeway going 63 miles per hour- I HATE being stuck behind people in the left lane...especially huge freakin trucks you can't see around...especially when they go under the speed limit. LAME!

And then there are the people that all go the same speed that span across all 6 lanes on the freeway...let's get real... how annoying can you be!

I don't know how all these things could happen on my drive today...I guess it was my lucky day! I think the only thing that kept me from screaming was listening to Deee Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart"...that song makes me happy!


sarbear said...

i hate to break to to you, but it's only going to get worse... once the temperature drops 15 degrees, the old folks are going to be all up in our grillz. i'm not looking forward to it.

LetterToKayleen said...

you're lying. 90 yr olds don't own cell phones. their fingers are too shaky for those itty bitty buttons.

diana rose said...

i think the same geriatric almost hit me yesterday. old people are so uncool, even the ones with cell phones.