Friday, August 31, 2007

The Elements...Metal...Day Five

The final day of Elements week...this is actually really hard for me to finish. I've had so much fun with these pics...I think I need to do themes every now and gets me to dig into my photo archive and I don't do that nearly enough. I represent to you....metal. ENJOY.

One of the greatest inventions...oil...hence, oil rigging ships... Long Beach, CA

Cruise ships...truly a can a floating city really float?? It makes one feel so small.

I thought my metal theme was going to be all about ships...well, I got to thinking what is really important in life...and getting made fun of in public is one of those things...which is why DDR was invented...For those 'not with it' is Dance Dance Revolution. Bring a sweat cloth. It's THAT fun. Even if you're a crappy dancer.

And this thing is metal...whatever it is. It looks awesome...and the guy in front looks like a lightning bolt is going into his head...I hope he's ok. ;)

Jail bars are pretty sweet too!

Hope you've enjoyed the metal...I know I have. Anyone have an idea for another theme?


diana rose said...

blake's face in that last pic... hilarious.

diana rose said...

i'm posting twice 'cause i didn't mean to publish that last comment yet...

i'm totally with you with a photo theme... i want in!

sarbear said...

you and ddr crack me up. hasn't it taken a backseat now to wi?

i love that ship photo. makes me wish i lived closer to water and could hang on a pier on the weekends.

LetterToKayleen said...

changing your page up. hott.