Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To organize...that is the question.

So Saturday Blake and I decided to take the plunge and hike around Ikea. Isn't it nice to go shopping and be so tired by the time you get home that you can't even enjoy the progress you've made?? Well...we have this one room...you know, the room everyone has. The catch-all dumping grounds. I wish I would've done a before/after pic because it really would've been amazing to see. The sad part is that I thought that by buying a huge bookshelf that I was going to be able to eliminate the crap in the closet that was stacked up to the ceiling...but no- I just basically shuffled everything around but put it in a more legit grabbing space. Oh well...at least it looks sweet. And yes...my sign does say "Mandy's Art Studio". It doesn't necessarily mean I'm an artist.

I even took out the closet doors and added some lovely curtains. They don't call me Handy Mandy for nothin...whoever 'they' are.

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diana rose said...

love it! it's even cuter (and cooler) than i imagined.