Friday, May 20, 2011

Take me home tonight...

Jovie and I just got back from "home"- which to me is Colorado, Utah, Arizona and a slew of a few other places. But we did just visit Colorado and had a fantastic visit. This was our view in Phx before we left...

And by the time we got to Denver we were pleasantly surprised by SNOW (In MAY, yes, ridiculous right?)...I shouldn't have been surprised because I packed 1 pair of pants and a light jacket- and the rest shorts and tshirts. Ugh. I hate when the weather gets the best of me!!

  However, since it was cold and we were ill-prepared, we got to stay in and Jovie & Papa played "Moonshadow" on the guitar. Tender, just tender. Jovie even sang a bit too, which was so sweet.

Then we got to spend the night at my sister Katy's house. Jovie LOVES her cousins...upon driving up into their neighborhood she started yelling.."CAMILLE, CALLIE, KATY, DAN!!!" I was pretty surprised by that since she hasn't been to their house in 9 months!! Good memory!

 We were even lucky enough to spend the day celebrating Callia's 5th Birthday!! It was "Tangled" themed and just adorable. My sister is such a visionary. She made mostly everything herself, which just amazes me!!

 Pinata princess hats and suckers!!

Ring-around-the-rosies... and play time at the park when it finally warmed up!!

 Mom and Katy looking like twinners!!

We even discovered a little burrow of baby rabbits- there were 5 or 6 of them- they couldn't have been more than a few days old, but boy were they just adorable!! They just kept trying to follow us around, even when we were trying to coral them into their burrow!!

Jovie peeling her first orange all by herself!!

Jovie with Katy's dog Koko- Jovie just adores her (as we all do!) and follows her around and calls out her name incessantly! Do we need a dog, or what??

It was nice to spend some time with my family- since we rarely get to spend time together!! I also got to see my parent's lovely new home and even got to help my mom organize her kitchen, pantry, and basement storage. I actually love helping other people organize...I just hate doing it for myself!! Jovie sure got used to spending time with Tutu and Papa! (which was much needed since my mom will be watching Jovie for a whole week in July when we go on an Alaskan cruise with all of the adults in Blake's family)

We also spent many nights playing a new card game- Bohnanza!! It was a total blast! I've definitely got a  knack for this game! "Beans, beans the magical fruit....


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Looks like the perfect trip home!
And when are you going to teach us all the magic of Bohnanzza?! Sounds perfect for a long, hot summer stuck inside. :)

Ryan said...

Bohnanza? We'll have to get right on that. Thanks for recommending it. Katy and Dan's girls are so cute, I LOVE the picture of the 3 cute cousins sitting on the couch.