Friday, May 6, 2011

Krazy Couponing...

So, in the past two weeks since my surgery, while I was down and out only able to sit- I decided to watch video on demand and see the show Extreme Couponing on TLC. When I was growing up my parents did light couponing, but NOTHING to this extreme. I really think it's an art form. Really truly amazing. If you haven't seen the show, watch it...really!

I've always gone through life loving to get a deal, but I don't LIVE for it! After watching a few episodes of the show I thought- the people are MOSTLY crazy, but they do have some gumption!! I've always felt sort of cheap, or lowly when using coupons- I guess I never really knew you could get things totally free and even sometimes MAKE MONEY couponing. 

So I saw one episode of Extreme Couponing with a gal they call "The Krazy Coupon Lady" (yes, it pains me too to see crazy spelled with a "k") and I thought- she's a young mom, she started a website with a friend, and gives free advice on how to start couponing, continue couponing, and all the deals each week for many grocery stores, drug stores and supercenters. I thought it really was awesome!! 

Well, now 3 weeks later I've started this whole couponing thing, and each day I get better at it!! I've really learned a ton from the book "Pick Another Checkout Lane, honey", that they co-wrote, and I've already started stockpiling tons of non-parishables, cleaning supplies, and food for just a FRACTION of the retail cost! 

So today was kind of an awesome day shopping at Walgreens. Below is a view of all that I got.

Now- do you know what I would have spent if I bought this all at retail price & no coupons???

Did I pay that much??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!
I only spent $61.73!!

That is almost 70% savings!! 
I'm glad that I've been given an opportunity to help save some cash around the house without having to go outside my home and get a job. This is totally something I can do. It takes some time at first, but I know with practice it will get easier!

The last 3 weeks I've gone grocery shopping and saved between 50-65% of the retail cost each trip to the store. It really is becoming life changing. I don't think I'll ever get to the "Extreme" level, but I may just get a little bit "krazy" now and again!!


Tiffany said...

I've been doing a little couponing for the past several months now. It's the only reason I get the weekend paper delivered to our house. I'm not 'crazy' at it, but sometimes I think I should tell the person behind me in the check out lane, that they may want to choose another lane. I've seen that Extreme Couponing show too. I have mixed feelings about it. I think it's ridiculous that they have to store all of their stuff in closets meant for clothes and under their kids beds. And, I don't think they should clear the shelves, just because they can.
I haven't got into the WalGreen, CVS, and Rite-Aid deals yet though. I hear sometimes they have good ones.

Carrie & Dustin said...

I took a couponing class and also read the Krazy coupon lady's book. I saved a ton, but I felt like I was buying stuff that I wouldn't normally buy just because I was saving on it. I also found that everything I was buying wasn't very healthy for me. So I only use coupons on toiletries and cleaning supplies other than that, it did teach me to shop the sales at the higher end grocery stores, and buy a lot of meat when it goes on sale, which has helped a ton.
Be careful it gets addictive!

Ryan said...

haha, your comment about how it pains you to spell crazy with a k, i miss you and your humor. I used to do couponing in Cali. It was too much extra work for me but I admire people that do it. Nowadays, I'm just happy to make dinner and have a semi-clean house. Keep Truckin Mandy :)

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Wow! It seems that tons of people are jumping onto that band wagon---and I really want to join! I am all about saving a buck. And I love your point that it is a way you can help with family finances without working outside the home. When you've perfected the art I'll ask you for some tutoring. :)

Bree said...

I'm glad their site is helping you and welcome to the club! I started with about a year ago and now I can't switch, other sites just aren't as user friendly to me! It can be addictive, and I agree that at least at first you buy a lot of stuff you don't really need or use because they're such great deals. But I'm amazed at what you can get for free or close to. I also have mixed feelings about the show, it's a little misleading. Good luck.