Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walgreens Couponing...5/23/11

So I've been learning how to maximize coupons at Walgreens...and it's NOT for the faint of heart! It is semi-complicated, but the benefits definitely outweigh the headache!

So, here's what I got for this week...

5 packs of Huggies Little Swimmers (12 ct/pk)
2 Puresilk  Shaving Cream
4 Carefree Undieliners
8 Butterfinger bars
1 Yardley Soap bar
4 Dixie paper plates (20 ct)
2 Dixie paper bowls (24 ct)
4 Suave lotion
1 Advil PM (20 ct)
1 Thermacare Heat Wrap (3 ct)
3 Scunci Hair Elastics (18 ct)
4 Colgate Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste
1 Nexcare bandaids
2 Sunburnt cream

Total Retail- $171.79
Total Spent- $45.69
Total Saved- $126.10


The great thing is that I am creating a great stockpile! This has been my goal for a long time- and now I'm actually able to do it without breaking the bank! I used to just get stuff at Costco since it was all under one roof, and seemed less expensive since it was in bulk...but when you compare it to using coupons and matching ads- the cost doesn't even compare!


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Okay...the only thing my eyes saw in that photo was the Butterfinger bars! You're lucky if I'm not banging down your door in a second. :)

Tiffany said...

Nice job! That's like buying 4 of those packs of swim diapers and getting everything else for free!

tracyjax said...

ok everyone and their mom is talking about this extreme couponing thing. I don't get it. Where do you get the coupons? I don't get these kind of coupons in the mail. I get the ones for laser hair removal or closet reorganizing or jiffy lube. I've even looked on line but haven't found coupons. We're going to have to discuss this at the ranch or else I need a tutorial!

MaMaMaMandy said...


I order 4 Sunday papers a week. About 65% of the coupons I use are from there. Then you can go to websites like www.coupons.com, www.redplum.com and www.smartsource.com for printable coupons. I get about 35% of my usable coupons this way. From those sites you can usually print off 2 coupons/item, unless you have access to multiple computers, then you can do more. You can even print them in grayscale so you don't use colored ink.

But I would definitely recommend going to www.thekrazycouponlady.com (which is absolutely FREE) and click on the tab that says "Beginners". I learned a bunch from this- and I also bought their book from Amazon. Super helpful. I've only been doing it for about a month but I can already see a HUGE difference in my budget and I have MORE THAN paid off the $23 monthly newspaper subscription, the cost of the binder, sheet protectors, and card holders.

I will bring it to the ranch to show you all about how I do it. You don't necessarily have to go nuts like you see on "Extreme Couponing"- those people are few and far between. Plus that kind of shopping isn't a realistic "haul". I'll tell you all about it!!

MaMaMaMandy said...


Come bang my door down, and we'll snack on Butterfingers together!! You can't beat a treat for $.24!! Well, I guess maybe if it's free!!


I know, right?? Mostly everywhere they run about $8.99 per pack so I know it was the best time to buy!! Plus we will be swimming A LOT this summer so it was a no brainer!

Ryan said...

wow. Mandy, that's awesome!