Sunday, July 6, 2008

Georgia on my mind...part 1

So I promised I would write about the 2nd leg of our cruise- which was a lovely trip up the coast of Florida to Savannah, Georgia...where Blake spent a good 6 months of his mission. When I met Blake and we talked about his mission (see, he had only been home for about 2 months when we met) he showed me on a map (bestill my heart, I love a man that loves maps as much as I) where he had served and told me all about the moss, the lush green overhang of trees, the swamps, and the southern hospitality...I knew that was a place I'd love to see in my lifetime.

Once Blake and I were married we spent many summers longing to take a nice vacation out there so he could show me all that he had grown to love about that place. As a missionary you don't do a whole lot of touristy things, but little did I know that my own parents had been to Savannah many times and had tons of suggestions on what to see while we were there! Thanks M&D!

The drive up the Florida coast was really beautiful- it reminded me a lot of the Upper Pennisula of Michigan- where my family drove many times to visit our family cottage in Bay View, Michigan. The tree-lined roads totally brought me back. By the time we had gotten to Savannah, both Blake and I were full blown sick and coughing up a lung. Plus, it had rained and was so hot and humid that I thought I would pass out after being without A/C for 5 minutes! We spent the first afternoon there driving around town and Blake tripping out on his old apartment complex, and having dinner at his favorite fried chicken place (Zaxby's- with an AMAZING dipping sauce).

Afterwords we drove down to River Street and soaked up the sights of beautiful early American architecture. Unfortunately after about an hour the cobblestone started making me sick to my stomach so we started heading back to the hotel. (This next part may be graphic for some- so please use your discression- hey, at least I'm warning you!) About a block away from the hotel I got a really dry throat and coughed so hard that it made me throw up (for the 1st...yes 1st time in my entire life!) Not even through pregnancy have I gotten sick like that- luckily. The good thing was that I just heaved into an empty cup so it didn't go everywhere. Poor Blake...he was driving and as we're stopped at a red light I could just tell he was worried about me...a little reenactment...

Me: (insert gagging and coughing noises)

Blake: Honey, honey (as I'm gagging) are you ok?

Me: (another gag and a heave- then a quick grab of the cup)
Blake: (with wide eyes and mouth gaping open)

Me: (puking in the cup)

Blake: Honey are you ok?

Me: (turning to Blake with wide eyes of my own and a frown) Considering I just threw up for the first time in my life, NO, I'm not ok!

Blake: Do you feel better after that?

Me: I don't feel better or worse- I just threw up because I was coughing so hard.

Blake: Well, then it wasn't REALLY a true throw up, since you only did it once.

Me: What do you mean, not a REAL throw up? Are there qualifications for a REAL throw up? I REALLY just threw up.

Blake: Well, I'm sorry you did honey.

Me: Me too, especially since there was Zaxby's chicken in that.

Blake: So, (with sad eyes) does that mean you'll never want to eat there again?

Me: No way, that chicken with dipping sauce is the hardest!

Blake: That's good, Zaxby's is the hardest.

I feel really grateful for a non traumatic first throw up experience. I honestly think the Lord is blessing me with experiences to prepare me for motherhood- I have always been a real baby with blood draws, needles, throwing up, etc. and not to say I'm invincible....I just think I am able to handle those things a little more now than before. This last picture is me calling my parents and giving the gross details- none the less, they are so proud that their little girl is growing up!


Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

That looks like a beautiful place! I would love to live in one of those old houses. Way to go barfing in a cup! Such skill for a first-timer!

diana rose said...

wow, mandy, you're officially in the club.... not that there is a barf club, but if there was, i think i'd be president, at least when i'm preggy.

Alicia said...

Scott and I really enjoyed you vomit story! I don't know how you have never thrown up until now! Sorry you had to experience it when you had made it this far, but like you said, but it is preparation! Cohen would projectile vomit all the milk I had just nursed him and it was a mess and traumatizing (his stomach valve wasn't fully developed or something)! All the fun things you have to look forward too... :) Luckily he grew out of that one by 4-5 months or so.

sarbear said...

i think i need to live in the south. those front porches. those big trees. that fried chicken. those trees. lovely lovely pictures mand.

A Letter To Kayleen said...

are you loving your new camera????

that bottom pic of you is awesome.