Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jovie warming up for the big fight...

I know it's probably just me...but I thought this was hysterical.
I love Blake...he's so good with Jovie! :) He just always knows how to make me laugh.


jaime said...

poor jovie.
she looks like she's getting whiplash.

but cute. very cute.

sarbear said...

um, shaking baby syndrome?

love the smoker laugh at 26 seconds.

i can't wait to see her!

blake said...

MANDY! This is embarrassing! And people think im giving her shaking baby syndrome!

kayleen said...

i was just about to ask if blake knew you posted this, cuz it might embarrass him.


so funny.

Karen Nihipali Wicke said...

I think it would have been a complete crack up if she threw up all over him while he did that!
You have got to get one of those videos online...again, that would be a complete crack up!