Saturday, November 10, 2007

Little Ms does your garden grow??

So, snow new favorite. It is any "trying to be a gardener but kill everything"'s best friend. My peas have grown from this on November 1st....

To this on November 10th! 

 They are just lovely. As I've been tending to them I've realized how much I love the little curly locks that grow from the stems- as I've been training them to go up the trellis I have felt a twinge of guilt when I split the plants apart that have chosen to link their curly locks together. Don't they know I am splitting them up to help them grown skyward? I know it's for their own good... but will they revolt like my plants of the past and wither up and die? I hope not. I can't take the rejection... these are my babies for now.


sarbear said...

i hope they grow, because when they get really big i'm totally making the kids come over and steal some in the middle of the night. mwahahahaha.

diana rose said...

looking good, mandy, looking good!